Pinned It and Didded it – October

I did SO MUCH BETTER this time! Let’s see. I made a cake.

Triple Decker Strawberry Cake made in a bunt pan, so not really triple decker, but that’s the name of the recipe so. The icing looked horrible, but it tasted as good as a bunch of butter and confectioner’s sugar with a bit of homemade vanilla extract (!) mixed together CAN taste. Which is yum.

Made the girl a couple of these, which she has apparently lost already. Hence the picture from the post. Pattern from All About Ami and it’s SUPER easy and pretty darn cute too.

Made this, of course. Posted on it a couple days ago. SO good.

Copied this pin to carve my pumpkin. I LOVE HIM.

I used this pin to pick the colors for my new blanket, which is this pin. This will take until at least the next Pin it and Do it month, maybe even the next! Also, LOVE Attic 24!

SIX PINS! I did SIX PINS! Woot! Go me! See you for the next month!

Monday Rambles

Oh my gosh you guys, where did the weekend go? Oh wait, I know. It went into making and canning a LOT of tomato sauce, making and canning my own pectin (!), and freezing corn for the winter. And also making a cake. An Orange Ricotta Cake. Witness:

The kids helped too! As I’m typing this, it’s still cooling, but I did sneak a crumb taste and I think it’s going to be pretty killer.

I also did some reading this weekend. I plodding on through The Stand. I am really enjoying The Stand when it’s with Larry, Franny, Stu, Nadine, Joe, Tom Cullen, Mother Abagail (LOVE HER), and the other good guys. When it turns to the Dark Man, Lloyd, and the Trashcan Man, it’s all I can do to pick it up. Since I’m reading the “director’s cut” of sorts, this makes me wonder…how much did he add to the story? Anyone brave enough to read both versions and know?

I’m also reading The Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter (for my classics read this month), who is a lady I was surprised to find out. Gene is such a guy name! Anyhoo, I’m alternating between loving it and finding it slightly schizo. I should finish soon.

I’ve been listening to Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness, while Andi is reading it and we’ve been discussing. And it’s been quite hilarious. The discussions, not the book. We are in agreement about so many things, which is typical as Andi has a strange tendency to read my mind. I haven’t even told her, but the other day I was listening as I drove to the library and the whole way I was thinking of what I was going to email Andi (don’t have to give away any spoilers). When I got back to work, I opened up my email to do just that, and she had emailed me EXACTLY what I was going to say to her. Freaky huh? Considering we’ve never actually “met?” I love it.

Let’s see…I think that’s all I’m reading at the moment. I’ve been crocheting like crazy, as I finally focused on a project. Here are a few samples for those who don’t follow me on Instagram:

I can’t wait to see it finished! Thank goodness I can crochet and read (on my Nook) at the same time!

Have a good week!

Crafty Sunday – Super Easy Scarf

Like a lot of things around here lately, I found this on Pinterest. I made a LOT of things for Christmas last year, and a lot of them were for other people and a LOT of them were scarves. I made about 30, I think. I sold some at work, and some to my aunt, and gave a bunch as Christmas presents. So when the made rush was over, I was like, what about me! I need a scarf!

So I searched Pinterest for easy scarves, because, well, my carpal tunnel was being rather rude to me, and I saw. this. scarf.

It was instant love.

One, I knew it would be really easy.

Two, it would use up so much scrap yarn! Always a win!

And three, it’s just so darn cute!

I have been in love with gray this year, so I immediately knew it would have lots of different shades of gray. And I had this lovely lovely pink that I knew would look good with gray. And then I thought, why not toss a little bit of red in there? And my scarf was born. I swear, it only took me about an hour total. I mean, basically all you do is crochet a bunch of chains about the same length, then knot together. SO EASY! And cozy!

I love it. I’m thinking I need one in many shades of white now.

Special thanks to my lovely little model, who now demands one of her own. In many, many colors. Like a rainbow, but with more. I better get to work.