I apologize for being so out of it lately.  I know I haven’t posted much that wasn’t complete drivel.  Some things have been going on in my life and I haven’t really been able to focus on anything else.  It looks like things are lightening up now though and I should now be able to return to regular scheduled programming and hopefully will get back to reading my favorite blogs soon!  I hope you could stand my pitiful attempts to keep you entertained with all the pictures of my kids and the other stuff.  I’ll try to keep it to a minimum for awhile 😉

I haven’t been reading very much.  With my mind being on other things, I haven’t really been able to concentrate on much. I just finished The Nasty Bits, a collection of articles, book reviews, restaurant reviews and other miscellanea by Anthony Bourdain.  There is even a short story piece included, which was actually pretty good.  It piqued my interest in reading some of his other fictional works, which I admit I’ve never really been interested in. 

I also just completed the second graphic novel in the Jack of Fables Series. I found it to be much better than the first.  Now that Jack is established in his own series, the story really gets going.  Jack has many tales, or personae, and one of the stories in this collection recounts his time as Jack Frost.  Another is set during modern times, with him trying to regain wealth and fame in Las Vegas.  With help from the Pathetic Fallacy, he works the town over in typical Jack style.  The art work, as usual, is stunning.  The stories are fun.  Despite my previous misgivings, Jack is proving to be a worthy Fable for his own series.

I am finally starting to read again.  I am tee-totally LOVING, Joe Hill’s short story collection 20th Century Ghosts.  This is my first encounter with Hill’s writing, but I had a feeling I would like him after Andi’s glowing review of Heart Shaped Box.  I’ve only read the first three stories so far but have found each one to be stunning.  And haunting, and I don’t mean in the way his daddy writes J  I have found I can only read one story at a time, because I find myself wanting to savor each piece.  But I will talk more about on this after I’ve finished the book.

I started another book yesterday.  The Know-It-All: One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World by AJ Jacobs very quickly sucked me in.  I’m up to “D” now and am really enjoying Jacob’s witty and personable voice.  I think this will be the quick read I’ve been waiting for.  I’m obviously in a nonfiction mood, so I expect to read more like it after I’m through.

End of Reading Year Countdown: #5 of 2007

anthony_bourdain3.jpgAnthony Bourdain

I’m going to cheat a bit (it won’t be the last time) and count two books here.  I read both Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour this year, both by Mr. Bourdain, and greatly enjoyed each.  Kitchen Confidential was a fascinating look at what goes on behind the scenes in the restaurant and what it takes to become a chef. 

Recently the Food Network began showing the series “A Cook’s Tour” again and it reminded me just how much I loved that books.  I love food and I love travel and A Cook’s Tour brings both together in such a great way. 

Which reminds me, as a side note, I read that Anthony quit smoking because of the birth of his daughter.  If you’ve read the books or seen the shows, surely you know he smoked like a freight train.  I’m so impressed that he quit!