Monday Rambles

 There. I finally did it. I finished my review of Gone Girl. I AM SO GLAD TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST. You have no idea. It’ll be up tomorrow.

I had an extra long weekend. I took Friday off to celebrate me birthday (yay!) and what did I do? Tons of laundry. Seriously. Tons. I think everyone’s drawers doth runneth over. I know mine does. I had no idea hubby had like 20 pairs of jeans, and I discovered that my daughter has just about outgrown all of hers. *sigh* I think she has 3 pairs of jeans left after this purge. Oh, wait. I found more dirty clothes in my car. Wow. And also damn.

I had my birthday party Saturday, late, thanks to the lovely weather we’ve been having here in NC. My cake was lovely AND delicious. I had two pieces. And another one today. Shh…don’t tell My Fitness Pal.

See my yummy cake?



One of my favorite presents:

capriciousreader_on_Instagram 2

and then, of course, there’s this:



A complete surprise from my hubby and kiddos. And I love it. I loved my Tablet, but wow. They fixed a few things I didn’t like about the Tablet and then like, added a million new things that just, oh wow, send me over the moon. I loooooves it.

Now it just needs a cover.

So, yeah, that was my weekend. Happy birthday to me.

How was your weekend? I hope it was mahvelous!


6 thoughts on “Monday Rambles

  1. Sooo glad you had a good bday, and a great party, and a beautiful cake!!! Go you with the laundry. This was a weekend o’cleaning for me. There was steam-mopping involved and MUCH decluttering. Party animals!

  2. That cake is awesome. Glad you had a good weekend, even if you did have all that laundry (can only sympathise with you there, I did a ton on Friday too!)

  3. That cake is gorgeous! Didn’t you know that calories don’t count on your birthday???

    I can totally relate to the laundry thing. We had frozen pipes that then decided to burst all over the laundry room, so the dirty laundry was indistinguishable from the clean. Sigh…I think we will all have enough socks for quite a while, though!

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