Monday Rambles

What a weekend. I’ve been fighting a cold for what seems like 3 weeks now. It doesn’t get any better, or any worse, it’s just sitting here. Although, new symptom this morning! My ear is hurting and keeps popping! FUN STUFF!

Thanks to said cold, I staying in most of the weekend reading. It’s January 7, and I’ve almost read 4 books. If I hadn’t had a headache yesterday (thanks, cold) I would have finished The Peach Keeper. I do so love Sarah Addison Allen. Just what I needed after the madness that was GONE GIRL.

Just a couple of things:

Firstly, we’re getting the Estella Society back up and ready for the new year. PLEASE if you’d like to submit your writing, PLEASE DO IT! If you need ideas, check out these general ones to get your brain running. Purty, purty please?


Andi and I are starting to brainstorm Dewey’s Read-A-Thon this April. I am BEYOND excited. Look for the announcement of the date sometime this week! And start spreading the word! We had 485 participants last October, and we just know we can beat that this year.

13 thoughts on “Monday Rambles

  1. Wow! I have yet to finish one book yet!! Great job so far!!

    I’ve really been considering submitting something for Estella Society! I need to get on that!!

  2. I feel so much guilt every time you ladies ask for submissions for ES. Or I feel lame. I can’t decide. I’ll resolve in 2013 to give you guys something… 😉


  3. I’m getting over a sinus infection/sore throat thing too. Blah. Hope you start feeling better soon!! I also love Sarah Addison Allen. From reviews it doesn’t seem like Gone Girl is my cup of tea right now. Can’t wait for the read-a-thon! <3 and miss Dewey in the blogosphere.

  4. I am glad Andi likes my idea for The Estella Society. 🙂 I will try to think of some other things, but I am not kind of doing too much at once so far this month!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. There’s been the same sort of cold going round here, too, taking ages to leave. Good to hear about Estella Society and the readathon, the latter I’m going to try my best to join in properly this year.

  6. So excited about Dewey! Can’t wait to mark that weekend off on my calendar. I seriously need to get on submitting something to ES, thanks for the post holiday reminder.

  7. I too love Sarah Addison Allen. Though her novels aren’t usually my cuppa–I’m not a fan of romance novels–I find her work engaging and charming. Also, I find them comforting. I always read Garden Spells if I need a good comfort-read.

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