Monday Rambles




Have you noticed how life speeds up this time of year? First, it’s Halloween. Then you blink and it’s Thanksgiving. Then you blink again and it’s New Years and you wonder what the heck happened to Christmas?!?!


Excuse me while I wallow in self-pity.

The kids had their second Christmas play of the season last night, so this weekend was again full of rushing to a fro, go to practice, come home from practice, put up the Christmas tree because TIME IS RUNNING OUT, go buy the outfit for the play your husband neglected to tell you the daughter needed, rush to the church for the performance, rush home to get baths, relax, and bed.

I’m tired.

Obviously, I didn’t read much this weekend. Friday night I read Matchless by Gregory Maguire while I was in the tub. It was sweet and sad. I listened to the Count a little bit on Saturday. AND that’s it.

I think I’ll get ready for work now, so I can get some rest!

6 thoughts on “Monday Rambles

  1. I feel like I’m just trying to keep my curly head above water at this point. Jobs starts tomorrow, and that will turn up the heat exponentially, I’m sure!

  2. This time of year is BONKERS. Like Kathy said it only goes zoomier and zoomier as we get older. Remember when our folks would tell us that and we would roll our eyes? Ha! They were RIGHT. Jerks. 😉

  3. Christmas only seems to feel like an event if you count the days before it too, it does indeed go by so quickly. I looked at our decorations yesterday and it felt like they hadn’t ever been put away, I can remember last year far too well though nothing amazing happened. Hope the actual day is less busy for you, though your busy-ness sounds festive 🙂

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