November Classic Club Question

This month’s the Classics Club asks the following question:
What classic piece of literature most intimidates you, and why? And has your view changed at all since you joined our club? 
Well THIS is an easy question. And I’ve already seen similar answers on other blogs! Why, it’s this!
but also
Ulysses and Proust seem most obvious. And, despite enjoying the bit of the Iliad and the Odyssey that I read in high school and in my college Mythology class, they still scare the heck out of me. And Wuthering Heights just gives me the heebie jeebies. I feel depressed just thinking about it.
I haven’t read as many challenging (for me) classics as I would like this year, so now, I’m actually leaning toward confronting one of these behemoths next year. Maybe on Estella?

8 thoughts on “November Classic Club Question

  1. Ulysses and Proust are definitely two that I’m terrified of and I’ll admit to having some trouble with The Iliad. But I love The Odyssey and I used to love Wuthering Heights. Those would be the ones I would start with. But, as we’ve all learned through book blogging, there are so many different types of readers and so those may not be the ones that will work best for you. Classics are so tricky, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. The one that came to mind straight away was The Iliad, which is silly on my part because it’s the words of someone else that put me off rather than my own knowledge at all. Wuthering Heights is a difficult book, but worth it 🙂

  3. I finally conquered Wuthering Heights after four tries, I think. It’s not a difficult book, it’s just boring as all get-out for the first 50+ pages.

    I’ve read parts of Ulysses and it made my head swim. I’d be willing to give it another go, though. Just to say I did it!

    Sadly, I admit, I know very little-to-nothing about Proust.

  4. I guess it’s an advantage that I first read Wuthering Heights when I was 11 or 13 or thereabouts that it never frightened me. I don’t find it difficult although maybe it’s only because I’m so familiar with it by now, but I hope you try it. It isn’t really very scary, just melancholic and romantically wild, and wonderful! Think Jane Eyre and then add a whole lot of passion and emotion in the telling.

    Proust can indeed be daunting because of its size and its detailed thought sequences, but what I found is that you only need to be patient to be able to read it and in a very relaxed mode. It’ll become the wrong sort of book if rushed through, but very rewarding and not difficult at all if you take your time and just savour it. 🙂

  5. A lot of people have chosen Ulysses. I almost picked it myself, but then I couldn’t really put into words WHY I felt it was intimidating. It just IS. I’m intimidated by Homer, too, but that’s my problem with poetry. 🙂

    My November Meme is here

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