Fables: Werewolves in the Heartland by Bill Willingham

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Fables: Werewolves in the Heartland
by Bill Willingham
ISBN: 9781401224790
Pages: 152
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Acquired galley from Edelweiss 


Bigby Wolf has left Fabletown in search of a place to relocate the Fable city. He finds a seemingly idyllic spot; Story City, a small town in the Heartland.


Bigby has left the warmth and comfort of his home with Snow White and the “pups” to find a new location for Fabletown, the secret enclave of fairytale and folk tale characters living in New York. He has wandered far and wide for the perfect, secluded spot. Story City has ties to Bluebeard, rich fairy tale character who met his untimely demise early in the Fables series, so he sets out there to see what’s what. There, he finds something a little unexpected. A society of werewolves, headed up by an old wartime buddy Bigby thought long dead. And the Nazi woman whom they were trying to kill.


The characters are great. It was good to see Bigby again; he’s been gone too long from the Fables universe. He is probably my favorite fable from the series! From his Sheriff/detective noirish days, I’ve had a thing for him. I liked the way the story in the present – the search for a new Fabletown – tied into Bigby’s past. The introduction of his buddy for WWII was interesting. It really brought more to Bigby’s characterization. I’ve always wanted to know more about Bigby’s WWII activities. Well, we got it!


  • Liked the story.
  • Bigby’s back! Yay!
  • The art was good. No, great. I always love the art in Fables.
  • Strong plot.
  • Highlights are learning more about Bigby’s life.


  • Didn’t like all the nudity? Not a prude, really, but wow. That was a lot of full frontal.
  • You may not like this if you don’t like nudity! And violence.


A solid spin-off of the Fables canon. Glad to see something this strong take Jack’s place (Jack of Fables seems to have reached a conclusion?) and glad to see it finally come out! Have had it pre-ordered for like a year!

8 thoughts on “Fables: Werewolves in the Heartland by Bill Willingham

  1. This looks good, I’m a fan of OUAT so the idea of something similar in nature interests me a lot. I like how the real world has been included, and the history.

    1. OUAT reminds me a LOT of Fables. I mean a LOT. I actually couldn’t watch OUAT because of how much it reminded me of Fables and I didn’t think it was as good. :O Maybe I shouldn’t say that…. lol

  2. CAN’T WAIT!!!! And full frontal comic book nudity makes me laugh. So I’m kinda looking forward to that part. I had no idea this existed, so thank you muchly!

  3. Well I never mind a little bit of nudity :p So can I read this one if I’m not caught up with Fables? I think I’m only on like volume 5 :/ I need to catch up SO BAD!!

  4. Full frontal…sign me up! Well, not really but I don’t think it will bother me that much. So where does this fit in terms of the story arcs of the whole Fables/Jack thing. Do you think there is a place in the order that it would be best read?

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