Pinned It and Didded it – October

I did SO MUCH BETTER this time! Let’s see. I made a cake.

Triple Decker Strawberry Cake made in a bunt pan, so not really triple decker, but that’s the name of the recipe so. The icing looked horrible, but it tasted as good as a bunch of butter and confectioner’s sugar with a bit of homemade vanilla extract (!) mixed together CAN taste. Which is yum.

Made the girl a couple of these, which she has apparently lost already. Hence the picture from the post. Pattern from All About Ami and it’s SUPER easy and pretty darn cute too.

Made this, of course. Posted on it a couple days ago. SO good.

Copied this pin to carve my pumpkin. I LOVE HIM.

I used this pin to pick the colors for my new blanket, which is this pin. This will take until at least the next Pin it and Do it month, maybe even the next! Also, LOVE Attic 24!

SIX PINS! I did SIX PINS! Woot! Go me! See you for the next month!

6 thoughts on “Pinned It and Didded it – October

  1. Excellent work! Your Jack jack-o-lantern is super cute, and my boyfriend would adore him. He’s a “Nightmare Before Christmas” addict.

  2. WOOHOO HEATHER!!! You kicked butt, woman!!! And I love them all! In fact, I have those headbands pinned to make a few for Annie for Christmas. 🙂 Had to laugh at the “already lost them” thing though–sounds so like some children I know and share a home with. 😛

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