Monday Rambles

Wow, what a weekend. Went on a mad shopping spree Saturday morning for a costume, followed by a Halloween party on Saturday afternoon. Came home from that, only to fall asleep around 6 O’CLOCK, and wake up at 8 O’CLOCK. Guess who was up late after that? *sigh* Then Sunday was spent laying around because of THAT crazy sleep pattern. I’m almost feeling recovered (this is Sunday night, yo) only to have to go to WORK tomorrow. UGH.

Heather is not a happy camper.


We carved pumpkins! We have jacks, a kitty, and a…I’m not sure what, but it’s supposed to be sad.


In other news, I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo! And it’s just as fantastic as I remember! Love Dantes! Hate Danglars! Hate Ferdinand! Hate Caderousse! LOVE DUMAS! It’s definitely not too late to join in our readalong, since we don’t officially start until November 1st. So come on, join us!


I picked about 5 lbs of tomatoes yesterday. Out of my garden. It’s almost November. I was flabbergasted. So I made spur-of-the-moment salsa last night. Spur-of-the-moment salsa may be the best salsa. So very yum.


So, are you watching any new TV? With Chuck over (*sobs*), Bones is getting on my nerves, and no time to watch much of anything except on the weekend, I need recommendations. I love New Girl. It’s practically the only show I make time for. I have half-heartedly watched the first two episodes of Revolution. I like the premise, what happens when all the power goes out?, but the main girl? She gets on my last. nerve. Where in the world did they get her and what made them think she could carry a show by herself? Get her some acting lessons. Stat.

I’m all caught up on Doctor Who. The Ponds! *sobs*

I started MI-5, but part of me just wants to skip to the Richard Armitage episodes. Mr. Thornton!

That is, sadly, about it. So what’s good? Give me something to watch while I’m crocheting people!


Speaking of crochet, it’s dangerous, yo.

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Monday Rambles

  1. One of the many things we didn’t get around to this weekend was carving pumpkins but we had an awesome Jack last year! Z says he wants a beaver face on one this year … I have no idea why. Well, we have two more evenings left!

    We love New Girl too. Schmidt is the best! My sister got me watching Pretty Little Liars and I’ve almost caught up to the middle of season three. It’s so bad it’s good! The first two seasons are on Netflix. Other than that, I’m watching a lot of shows but not loving any of them.

  2. Those pumpkins are great! And how wonderful you’ve still got tomatoes, making salsa sounds a brilliant idea. I’ve not watched much TV for a while, just random game show types every now and then.

  3. I’m loving The New Normal!! One of my fav new TV shows this year. It’s just hilarious and really so sweet too. Definitely a good one 🙂 And I love the pumpkins!! Especially the KITTY 😉 it’s not a mouse >>

  4. I really like Nashville! The music is great, the story is compelling and dramatic, and I love the actors. I’m sorry about your finger! That looks painful!

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