RASL: The Drift by Jeff Smith

So, as I was putting together my rather limited post on my favorite graphic novels of last year, I did two things. First, I realized that I needed to read more graphic novels this year and second, that I should look and see if Jeff Smith had written anything else. You know, since I loved

And lo, he had. There is another series, one that currently has 3 books in it (a 4th is on the way!) and is about, and I quote,

a stark, sci-fi series about a dimension-jumping art thief, a man unplugged from the world who races through space and time searching for his next big score – and trying to escape his past.


RASL, or Rasl, as in the main character’s name, is an art thief, as the above says, who travels through different dimensions, stealing alternate dimension art work by famous artists. In this book in particular, he steals a Picasso. When he tries to return to his dimension, he misses it, or Drifts and lands in yet another dimension (we are up to three at this point). He only realizes it is the wrong dimension when looking at a jukebox and discovers that Bob Dylan is not actually named Bob Dylan.  Just as he makes this realization, he is attacked by a rather strange, frog like man who tries to kill him.


Don’t really know. I kinda figure I’m not supposed to know, yet.

RASL is completely different from Bone is tone, scope, and execution. The art is stark, the images gritty and harsh, and, well… it isn’t cute like Bone. If there is one thing I learned about Jeff Smith from Bone, is that he has a fully realized world going on and I am going to have to trust him. The first volume of Rasl feels like he’s world-building.This is a world where time can be bent, artists produce different works in different dimensions, musicians have different names, and people who are dead in this world, are most definitely alive in other ones. Like Maya. Who is Maya? Do you really expect me to tell you that?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is what it seems in this new world of Smith’s.

If you can’t tell, I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series and hope the rest comes out quickly. I’m not good with waiting, especially when I’m this intrigued. Fast paced, new, and exciting; I love this new side to Jeff Smith! The hard lines, the sharp story…I can’t wait to see where he takes me.


RASL: The Drift
By Jeff Smith

ISBN-13: 9781888963205
Publisher: Cartoon Books
Publication date: 1/7/2009
Pages: 112
Age range: 16 – 18 Years
Series: Rasl Series, #1
I bought this for myself, with my own money. If you should buy it through my links, I’ll make a tiny bit of money and you will earn my undying love and devotion for those pennies.

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  1. WHOA, totally didn't know he wrote anything else, but based on the above, it looks like I'm at least not alone in that. This sounds so completely and wildly different than his previous works that I'm really intrigued. I think I'll wait until the series is finished to start it, though 🙂

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