At least I think so.  I needed a little something new and wanted a new header.  I think I’m happy now. At least for a few months.  I am quite the chameleon when it comes to my blog; I did very well to keep that last one for as long as I did!

Nothing new to report; still feel pretty bad (but some better, I worked today!) and I’ve read about 40 pages of The Count of Monte Cristo.  I didn’t realize how huge that book was; I may have to count it for a Chunkster.  That sucker is over 1400 pages!  I read it back when I was in high school and I swear it wasn’t that big then.  I’m wondering if I read an abridgement (Boo! Hiss!) and didn’t realize it at the time.   I’m interested to see if I notice some differences. 

13 thoughts on “Done.

  1. I like the new look. It looks good.

    I have The Count of Monte Cristo in my TBR. It's one of those books I really want to read, but I admit, its length is intimidating. I have to work up the courage to tackle such a huge challenge. LOL.

  2. Back when I was teaching high school (boo! hiss!) The Count of Monte Cristo was on the list of books my students could read for their required reading test. I thought that odd since it's so big and honkin', so I trekked down to the li'berry to check things out and all we had were abridged copies!!!!!! Tell me I wasn't pissed. And the vapid bitches I worked with didn't see the problem until I pointed out that our pre-fab tests were NOT for abridged copies! What a bunch of sea cows they were.

  3. Don't let the chunkiness of The Count make you nervous! It'll be the fastest 1400 pages you'll ever read, I promise. Especially if you think of Jim Caviezel as Edmond Dantes the whole time. Rawr.

  4. I like the changes; feels really springlike.

    I read The Count a few years ago and loved it, still have never read The Three Muskateers, although I did recently buy Twenty Years Later but it is still waiting in the tbr pile.

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Stephanie, I use HTML in a text file in the presentation section. It's a simple IMG SRC tag. If you need any help figuring it out lemme know!

    Andi! Ugh! Abridgements are the spawn of the devil!

    Glitterless, oooohhhhh thanks for the mental picture. I haven't seen that movie yet, I think we have it, I'll have to watch when I finish.

    Fence, Musketeers is a great read. Pretty quick too, it moves very fast.

    LOL imani, I totally agree! And I think it will be. If I could just find the time to read!

  6. LOL Carl, I almost agree with you! And yeah, that was a temporary design, up until I could create a header I liked. Hope you like this one a little better 😉

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo is so good. It does get a little slow in the middle, but it's one of those books that just builds and builds. My husband and I both read it, and now he will only read books with duels in them. But whatever you do, don't watch the most recent movie. It is horrible compared to the book.

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