Advent Tour 2011

I had a completely different intention with my post today. I was going to show you all the ornaments I’ve made this year, to replace all the ones I lost this summer, when they decided to take a nose dive from the attic, but something so huge, so amazing, so completely LIFE CHANGING happened, and I had to change my plans.

We decided to give the kids their Christmas present early.

Mainly because he would be very hard to hide.

Meet Castiel. Blue. We had a family discussion. And we changed his name. Whew.

He’s an Australian Shepherd-Terrier Mix and he is super adorable. And some one is SUPER happy.

We had to give him a little early, since we can’t hide him. So far, I’m pretty sure this is the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for one little girl.

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you’re holidays are wonderful.

Other stops on the tour today:

Shannon @ The Savvy Reader

23 thoughts on “Advent Tour 2011

  1. OH, he is gorgeous!

    My son would love a dog but I am not really sure that my house, yard or life is dog proof enough to get one!

    Thanks for sharing him as part of the tour!

  2. He is so cute! As I said on Facebook I am a bit jealous! The whole reason I have a cat is because I was trying to convince Lorrie I needed a dog… He didn't agree. The kitty was a compromise. 🙂

  3. My Layla had one floppy ear for several weeks after we brought her home as a puppy…those are some of the cutest pictures…nothing like a puppy to bring on Christmas smiles and giggles all over the house :):) Merry Christmas!

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