Stuff I Love Saturday (8)

I’ve shown you all the crafts, food and other goodies you can find on Pinterest, but I haven’t really shown you the books. I myself pin book reviews that compel me to want to read a book and so do many others. Here are the books I’ve pinned in the last few weeks that I just can’t wait to read.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It won’t be long now!!!!! 2. Ana (of things mean a lot) guest posted on The Booksmuggler’s Website about books she can’t wait to read next year. Reflections by Diana Wynne Jones was one of them. I haven’t read Diana yet (I know, I know) but I know how beloved she was. A book on her thoughts on writing sounds magical. 3. Rebecca from Rebecca Reads recently reviewed Ragnarok by AS Byatt and damn, but I can’t wait to get my hands on that. I should have put it on my Christmas list. 4. Booked All Week reviewed a book I wanted to read but kinda forgot about: The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester. I’m glad I was reminded! 5. BethFishReads posted about what sounds like a great foodie book: The Table Comes First by Adam Gopnik. 6. This book, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, has already kicked my butt one time. Eva just makes it sound so fantastic though, I think I may have to try again. 7. Ana again: The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen. 8. Melissa, The Book Nut, has me ready to run out and buy the new Chris Van Allsburg Right. Now. 9. Lastly, Vasilly got me, (almong with others, but hers is the one I pinned) wanting to read The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. And look at that, I am!

Thanks guys!

Is there anything you’ve been dying to read, thanks to a book blogger?


10 thoughts on “Stuff I Love Saturday (8)

  1. Oh, wow, I never thought to use Pinterest that way. I typically just add books to my goodreads TBR list, but then I forget what made me add them. I might have to go start another pinterest board…

  2. I use my Pinterest the same way. When something interests me I pin it and then refer back to it when I need new requests at the library/am buying books. PLUS, I can remember where I heard of it. Yay!

  3. HEATHER!!!! I miss you so much my dear!!!!!! I'm so sorry I've been such a damn stranger lately 🙁 I think of you all the time though. I love this post!!!! Made me smile 🙂 Lots of great sounding books!

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