Dracula by Bram Stoker, read by Christopher Lee

If you’re anything like me, I bet you read “Dracula by Bram Stoker, read by Christopher Lee” and though, ah, that’s brilliant! Because that’s what I did! I saw the above on Audible for a lovely low price, knew RIP was coming up, and snatched it right up.

Without noticing that it was abridged.

Yes. Abridged. That scourge of classic readers the world over and a particular pain in my neck.

I finally read Dracula for the first time during last years’ RIP challenge (my review) and I fell head over heals in love with. I knew I would want to reread it during this years’ RIP challenge and audio has become my method of choice when it comes to rereading. And Christopher Lee did exactly what I was expecting of him. His lovely deep macabre voice brought life to Dracula (ha!) (I mean the book.) exactly the way I thought he would. I was actually surprised by how well he read the feminine characters. He did a fantastic job.

The problem here is the abridgment. Gone is all that lovely tension leading up to the ending. The thrill, as they say, is gone. I felt like almost all of Mina Harker’s sections were gone. That taunt chase across the continent, to beat Dracula to his lair felt like it took mere minutes. One of my favorite sections is that race to catch Dracula, all because of Stoker’s mastery of suspense! His mastery with words! Gone! Bye bye, see ya later, arrivederci! *sigh*

So. What I’m saying is: read the book if you have never read Dracula because it is a truly amazing piece of horror fiction. Or find an unabridged recording if you really want to listen to it. If you know the story well, and just want a brief revisit, this is worth your time for Christopher Lee’s performance. Just don’t go expecting anything much. The thrill, as they say, is gone. *poof*

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16 thoughts on “Dracula by Bram Stoker, read by Christopher Lee

  1. While I dislike abridged books, having Christopher Lee read Dracula may be worth giving the abridged version a try. He has such a commanding voice! Although I'm not sure why they'd abridge it – it's not a long book. The build up to the end is one of the best parts. Where did you find it?

  2. I live in fear of accidentally ending up with an abridged version of whatever audiobook I'm reading! Oh…*shudder* I've never read Dracula and am, frankly, a little scared of it, but maybe I'll explore audiobook options. Unabridged, of course!

  3. I saw the title and thought "Christopher Lee?? Wow! I only got the some-British-nobody version." Then I read your review… ah, ABRIDGED. Like you said, a scourge. How can you get the full impact of Dracula if it's abridged??? You can't!

    That said, I'm enjoying my (unabridged) audio version…

  4. Dracula is wonderful and Lee would be the perfect choice for a narrator. How incredibly sad that it is abridged. I've got a real problem with abridgements. It's like seeing the movie and thinking you've read the book. You miss so much!

  5. If I want the abridged version, I'll go to Reader's Digest. I hate(!) abridged books – print or audio. I'm always paranoid that I'll buy one by accident and won't realize that there's something missing. I'd hate to think I missed out on something.

  6. Too bad it was abridged, but I can imagine how awesome Dracula must be in audio version. I loved the book when I first read it; in fact this makes me want to re-read it! Happy Reading!

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