Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg

You may remember awhile back I mentioned wanting to read Simon Pegg’s new memoir, Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid. It didn’t take me long to get it out of the library and I hunkered down to read. It did not take me long to see that something wasn’t quite working. It wasn’t the book really, it was me (as we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks; I couldn’t seem to get into anything [this has been remedied, thank you The Night Circus]). I was undaunted because I knew, I had to read this book!

Then I saw that Simon Pegg read the audiobook.


My love for Simon Pegg goes all the way back to Shaun of the Dead, one of my favorite comedy parody horror movies ever. Hot Fuzz was just as great. Then I saw him in Run, Fat Boy, Run and he stole my heart. An appearance as The Editor in Doctor Who just sealed the deal. His humor, his wit, his poignancy all go into what makes me love him. So I was excited to read where all that came from. Especially seeing as he is all, well, more than slightly British.

There is something very lovely and down-to-earth about Mr. Pegg and I think listening, rather than reading, to his book amplified that. Pegg is a great reader, for one thing, and his enthusiasm comes across brilliantly. Beginning with a childhood that showed early signs of his comedic talents and he shows how he came to be obsessed with science fiction, we learn how he met Nick Frost, and, I like how he put this, “journey from ordinary nerd to nerd participating in the world that made him nerdy in the first place.” Adding to the fun, Pegg offers up a “fake biography” of his alter-ego, a James Bond-esque debonair secret something like an agent that I found just hilarious.

I definitely recommend the audiobook version for this book. There’s nothing like letting a good reader read a book to you and it’s even better when the book is their own. Simon Pegg is a great performer and that includes this book. He is down-to-earth, damn smart, and a genuinely likable guy.

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9 thoughts on “Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg

  1. O man! I read this but I think I'm going to try and re-read – or re-listen to it w/ the audio book. I love his humor and I bet he'd do an awesome job w/ his book.

  2. I loved reading this one but for some reason the voice I gave to Pegg in my head was his faux-Scottish Star Trek accent. I would love to listen to him read it and get his real accent back in there! I love Simon Pegg. 🙂

  3. Totally think I'm going to have to do like you and read this one on audiobook. I've been getting into them lately!! Turn of Mind is an EXCELLENT audiobook and I'm listening to Michael Pollan's Second Nature now 🙂

  4. I saw this book mentioned somewhere and immediately looked to see if it was available as an audio. At first, I couldn't find an audio version, so I was thrilled to see that yes, there is one, and yes, Simon Pegg narrates. He is so funny as an comic actor! I'm not surprised you gave the audio a great recommendation.

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