The Beach Trees by Karen White

“Because the water recedes, and the sun comes out, and the trees grown back. Because”-she spread her hands, indicating the garden and the tree and, I imagined, the entire peninsula of Biloxi-“because we’ve learned that great tragedy gives us opportunities for great kindness. It’s like a needed reminder that the human spirit is alive and well despite all evidence to the contrary.” She lowered her hands to her sides. “I figured I wasn’t dead, so I must not be done.” – The Bean Trees by Karen White

Karen White is an author I have long wanted to read. She writes Southern books, with Southern themes, and hey! I’m a Southern gal! So when the opportunity arose to read and review her latest book, The Beach Trees, I jumped at the chance. Plus, geez, look at that gorgeous cover. It’s hard to resist a cover like that, especially in summer.

Now you can jump too; jump over to BlogHer to read my thoughts in my review. Leave me a comment? I’ll love you forever.

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