No Worries, Mate

messenger.jpgI think most of us like to think that at some point in our lives something incredible is going to happen to us.  We all want to be special. But, sometimes, we just don’t know how to go about making something incredible happen.  We get stuck in a rut, going about our day to day lives, looking for something without knowing what, waiting for something to happen and, sometimes, we just give up.  We become lost and alone and don’t know how to fix it. 

Ed Kennedy, 19, had just such a thing happen.  He is an underage taxi driver in Somewhere, Australia.  He has a 17 year old very smelly dog named The Doorman.  He has a potty-mouth mother who tries to make his life miserable, his drunkard, yet gentlemanly father died just under a year ago.  He has a successful younger brother who is in university and two older sisters who both have moved to the city and started families.  He has 3 great friends, Marv, Ritchie and Audrey; with whom he is in love with.  They play cards.  Life is pretty good, or so he thought. 

What he hasn’t realized is that he is doing nothing with his life.  He is stuck in a rut. He is stuck in a cycle of routine and incompetence and has little ambition to do anything beyond drink beer with his friends and give his dog coffee.

Until one day they are at a bank that is being held up.  Ed keeps the robber from getting away and becomes a 15 minute local hero.  Then the aces start showing up in his mailbox.  Directing him to 3 different people, he sees and hears things he would probably not want to, but being a good kid, he’s moved to help.  And what it does to his own life is revolutionary. 

I Am The Messenger is an amazing journey for one lost soul that is filled with friendship, laughter, fist fights and a whole lot of love.

This book was winner of the 2003 Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Award in Australia.  It’s a lot different from The Book Thief in story, but the same amazing writing is there.  A definite must read.  It pulled me violently in and didn’t let me go until I finished the last page – the first read I read in one day in a long time.  All 380 pages, in one day.  I highly recommend this one.  Especially if you are stuck in a rut too.

8 thoughts on “No Worries, Mate

  1. Great review, Heather. I've been tempted to read this, but wasn't sure if it could live up to the genius of The Book Thief. You've just convinced me it can. My daughter read I Am the Messenger in junior high (maybe high school) and as I recall, it was one of her favorites. I can't wait for her to come for Christmas so she can read The Book Thief.

  2. Thanks Sheri! Definitely read it.

    Thanks Les! It is not the same caliber of The Book Thief. I could tell he learned a lot between the books about writing. BUT the same beautiful language is there and the story is still very, very good. Just a different subject matter.

    Thanks Andish! Did you see the post I posted for you on your birthday? There is a great picture of Hugh Laurie in it for you! 😉

  3. Oh, good, I'm glad this one's worth reading. You always have to wonder after reading something so utterly brilliant by an author . . . will he write or has he ever written anything else worth touching? Thanks!

  4. You are killing me! I made a commitment, no new books until after Christmas and have been putting everything on my Amazon wish list. Maybe I can justify it by buying it as a gift for one of my kids (ages 10 and 13 both big readers) and just "pre-read" it when they aren't around.

    Great review! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I really enjoy it…as a fellow reader and blogger about books (etc.)

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