Saturday Farmer's Market – Spring's Coming!

Y’all, my fingers are itching. Itching to get into some dirt! Witness my splurge last night!

It’s all about container gardening and there are some really original ideas in it. While I have a huge, empty of all kinds of growth except grass, backyard and a husband who hates to mow it, he also refuses to let me plow it up for a real garden. *sigh* *rolls eyes* So I have to be satisfied with my containers and my raised beds. *weary sigh*


Then, last weekend, I went to a gardening class! It was so. much. fun. A lady at my church has an herb garden and she started giving classes last fall and then started up again this spring. Last week’s class was on how to start plants from seed, and how to take cuttings. We got 6 seedlings and 3 cuttings. Here are my seedlings. A couple are already coming up!

The little guy on the left is called Genovese Basil. I have never grown it before, so I’m really excited about it. I love me some basil. Pesto! The little guys on the right, who didn’t not seem to want to come into focus, are dill. Pickles!

Here are my cuttings. The first is called Citrus Kitchen Mint and it smells amazing. I asked and yes, it is supposed to look all shriveled. Apparently, once it gets over the violation of being cut off of it’s mother plant, it will perk right up. The other is thyme, which I LOVE and have always wanted to grow. I really hope it makes it! Of course, if it don’t, I’ll just buy me another. 🙂

The biggest surprise is all the stuff going on in my garden! I planted some collards and carrots late last fall, only have them wiped out by an unexpected and very early snow. Well, just look. They all decided to come back! AND I got a surprise spinach to boot! I didn’t plant any, it must have naturally seeded itself last year. This is great because my daughter LOVES spinach and refuses any sandwich that doesn’t have it on it.

I have another class today at 10 on how to lay out gardens. I have a few plans up my sleeve to get around the hubby. *wicked laugh*

I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer's Market – Spring's Coming!

  1. This coming week is our Spring Break so I'm planning on at least turning the soil over in my raised beds. I have 3 but think I'm going to add 2 more :):)
    I overplanted tomatoes last year and had to thin them out late…I couldn't bear to throw them away so I re-planted them into pots. They didn't do as well but it probably had more to do with being pulled up and replanted than anything. I didn't plant anything during the fall but I definitely will this fall.

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