Little Red Riding Hood

So, I went out this weekend and did my duty. I went into a brick and mortar book store (two actually) and bought a couple of books. My hubby actually went with me and he browsed too! He is notorious for wanting to avoid all book stores like the plague (really, I do not know what is wrong with him) but this weekend he was content to while away the time in the graphic novel/comic section, leaving me alone (I know, right?) to browse. So, it was with much excitement that I spied this book on one of the displays.

It’s no secret that I love fairy tales and that I love graphic novels. Fables is like my favorite series of all time. Little Red Riding Hood is probably my third favorite fairy tale (not far behind Snow White and Bluebeard) (and I really like the older versions of the story more than the Grimm’s, but that’s neither here nor there) (I like most of the older versions better than the Grimm’s versions come to think of it) (I just don’t like how they watered them down and changed them and made them so… negative… towards the females) (but anyway) so there was little doubt in my mind that I had to have this book. Is that cover not gorgeous? Well, let me tell you, the inside is nothing but the same. The story is exactly like what you would expect, so for me, this is all about the art. I have a new favorite artist. Daniel Egnéus is beyond amazing.

I hope Harper Design plans to do more books like these. This is a series of books I would love  to have. Even if it’s with different authors although honestly? I’m not sure anyone could top the beauty Daniel Egnéus brought to this story. I would love to see what he could do with Snow White! So anyway, not much of a review really. I felt the art could sell the book better than I ever could. I highly recommend this little book. I know it will be one I reread over and over again.

Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm
Illustrations by Daniel Egnéus

Category: Graphic Novel
Published by: Harper Design
Format: Hardback, 80 pages
On Sale: January 2011
ISBN: 9780062020512

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11 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood

  1. You would tooootally love the Children's Lit class I'm teaching online right now. We're smack dab in the middle of fairy tales–specifically Bluebeard and Little Red Riding Hood!

    This book looks stunning. I must have it. I must, I say!

  2. This looks gorgeous! I think there's a new Little Red Riding Hood movie coming out, too. I think I saw an ad and I don't believe I'm confusing it with the new Beauty and the Beast…

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