RIP #1 The Mummy

ramses.gifI prefer Ramses the Damned though.  More catchy.

This is probably my fifth or sixth time reading this book, but the first in many years.  I first read this when I was in high school, probably around the time the movie version of Interview with the Vampire came out.  I loved it back then.  It was suffenciently scary for my naive self, without being too over the top that I had nightmares.  It was a great summer read.

Now, I while I am enjoying the book, I constantly find myself giggling at many of the…shall we say, “wording” of some of her scenes.  By that I mean the “sex scenes.” 

This is the best one.  It is a scene between Cleopatra and an elderly Lord, Elliot Savarell.

“Ah, take me Lord Rutherford!” came her hissing whisper.  “Plunge your dagger into my soul!” 

Isn’t that fantastic?  It’s so trashy novel!  There are many, many more lines like this, but this is my personal favorite.  I don’t remember this book being campy, but it sure seems to be this time through.  I love it!  God willing I should finish it tonight.  Then I’ll move on to Little Women for the Coffee Rings group and possibly Dracula for my next RIP read.

BTW, House was fantastic last night.  Very very pleased.  And I totally guessed what the POTW’s “illness” was.  Loved it!

11 thoughts on “RIP #1 The Mummy

  1. Too funny! I too read The Mummy years ago and really loved it, although I don't remember THAT line! Hmmm, maybe that's why I liked it (he he). Anyway, I have been enjoying Little Women a lot and can't wait for our discussion!`

  2. I don't think you will find any lines like that in Little Women! 🙂 At least I haven't come across any like that! Too funny. It's amazing sometimes how a few years later a book will read so differently than before!

  3. I didn't get to watch House last night! *gasp*

    But you can be assured I'll be letting the night class out early so I can get home and get caught up!

    And love the "trashy" line you threw out. Whahahah! My soul needs a dagger.

  4. Years ago I had determined that I wasn't going to read any Anne Rice…mostly because I don't read alot of vampire fiction. I love Dracula so much and generally don't like other people's take on vampires. I got over my book snobbery though when the movie The Mummy Returns came out and I was craving more mummy stories. Picked up this book and loved it. Will definitely be reading it again sometime. I still have no plans to read any of the Lestat books but I can highly recommend this one.

  5. Giggle,giggle. I really don't remember it being that campy! Then again it's been a long time since I've read any of her books and I used to be such a fan. My favorite was Interview with a Vampire, of course, and was very offended by the movie version 🙂

  6. I've never read any Rice, but I'm thinking of doing Interview with a Vampire, or maybe this book? I'm not sure – Something Halloweeny- I can't believe I totally ignored the Rice sensation in high school!

  7. Stephanie, I hope I can get into Little Women. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it. I'm more in the mood for spooky, creepy, Halloweeny stuff right now. Fingers are crossed!

    Danielle, yes it is amazing how books can change with time. Or rather, how we change I guess. I still adore this book but I can see so many things that I didn't see before, writing wise. But it's such a good story that I can overlook most of it.

    Lesley, yes it is. I almost want to go back and read Interview with the Vampire now too. I may save it for a reading funk.

    LOL Andrew!!!

    Yay Andi! Did you like it? I looooooved it. I did sniffle a little bit when he pulled out the cane. He seemed so happy to not need it. And damn Wilson!

    Adrienne it's my favorite Rice too. But I've only read 3. LOL

    Carl, the only vampire books I've read were Interview and The Vampire Lestat. I liked Interview. I lost interest with Lestat. Didn't help that I pictured Tom Cruise as Lestat. I thought he was a horrible choice for Lestat. HORRIBLE!

    Iliana, I agree. The movie version was very offending. Very.

    Courtney, start with this one. Trust me. 😉

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