Saturday Farmer's Market

Well. I finally did it.

Yep. I ripped it (almost) all up.  Just the small jalapeno plant is left and I don’t think it will make it much longer.  Looks kinda lonely, doesn’t it?  The poor jalapeno plant is the only thing left!

I got up all the herbs that won’t come back.  The basil, the tarragon, the parsley.

And check this out.  All that honeysuckle and stuff I ripped out from beside the carport?  It had choked off my rose bushes.  I thought they were dead.  But look!

It has grown almost a foot in the two weeks since I cut all that back.  It was barely 2 inches off the ground!  And that, my friends, is why plants are awesome and will outlive us all.

How does your garden grow this week?  Or, rather, not?  Tomorrow I will plant my collards, spinach and perhaps carrots?  You’ll see next week!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer's Market

  1. This time of year is always a little sad around the garden, isn't it? We've had so much rain this past week and I really need to get out and start doing some fall clean-up, but I think I'll climb on my bike and ride instead. 🙂 50 degrees and cloudy. Perfect for a ride!

    BTW, love that Zombie rose! 😉

  2. Oh noes!!!! I'm so sad that everything in your garden came up Heather 🙁 I know it's inevitable and that it all has to come up eventually, but it's still sad, isn't it? Well the good news is that new stuff is going in soon!!! And that you have beautiful little rose buds 😀

  3. My garden is dead as a doornail except for the banana peppers. They continue to thrive!

    Looking forward to putting in some fall plants soon. Kale, anyone?

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