Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market is a new feature I started to showcase, well, gardens!  This summer especially, I have really come to enjoy everyone’s garden posts and I selfishly want to see them all, every week!  And as you all know, I’m all about the sustainable living!  So give me your garden photos, your gardening books you’re reading, even give me pictures of your Farmer’s Market loot from the week!  I want it ALL.

Lookie what I gots for me today!

They are so awesome!  I was ripping out corn root beds (dude, do you know how big those things get? I HAD NO IDEA!) and tomato plant roots and grass and weeds and the dirt.  The dirt fell right off!  It didn’t soak in like on my old gloves, I just dusted it off!  I am in gardening heaven!!

My garden looks a right sorry state at the moment, hence no picture.  I am just too embarrassed.  And it’s so dang hot out there, I just couldn’t work on it any more today.  Maybe tomorrow.  I will show you what is growing wild in the very back of my yard.  I really need to get it all out of there, but there is something appealing about having a wild corner of the yard, ya know?

What about you?  Have you done anything interesting outside this week?  Read anything good? Tell me about it.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer's Market

  1. I totally wish that I had stuff growing wild that looked that gorgeous! I don’t think I’d even cut it down :p Love your new gloves 😀 They’re very pretty 🙂 And look at you still finding tomatoes in there!! What the hell do you do with all of them!

  2. I arranged pumpkins and gourds on the front porch and walkways…and I took tons of Fall photos…I looked at the gardens and told my husband that he should clean them up…I walked around the pond and fed the birds…and I fed peanuts to two tiny tree squirrels…this was a nature filled week…I took my cat for a walk in her stroller…

  3. do you know what kind of berries those are? as a kid we used to mash them up and mix them with dirt to throw at each other. you couldn't say someone missed when you had a big purple splotch on your face!

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