Naked in Eden by Robin Easton

Hi there!  My name is Heather and I am a complete and total dunderhead.

You see, yesterday, I was supposed to review a little book called Naked in Eden by Robin Easton, for TLC Book Tours.  Heard of it?  It sounds delightful:

Mildly autistic and dangerously disconnected from life, Robin Easton was reborn in the Australian rainforest.

In the deepest recesses of the forest, far from everything that was modern and familiar, Robin and her husband, Ian, pitched camp. As Robin began to explore her new environment, she searched the ground for the things she feared: snakes, spiders, leeches, scorpions, and ticks. If she wanted to stay alive, she had to be as acutely aware as all the rest of life in the forest. She had re-entered the food chain and no longer could bungle along unconsciously like she’d done all her life.

Once Robin recognized her own need to survive, she realized that in the web of life no one can afford the luxury of unconsciousness. She began to confront her fear of other species and started to thrive in the rainforest. Wallabies, birds, and bandicoots befriended her, and her bare feet and sun-kissed body shared paths with foot-long centipedes, leeches, and deadly snakes. By stripping off all the baggage of Western insulated life, and plunging naked into the wild in every sense, Robin found healing. In doing so, she recaptured her birthright–and ours–and reclaimed her place as a part of the collective expression of life. Her moving journey will help others reestablish their forgotten connection to the natural world, allowing them to survive and then thrive in relationship with the earth. In a time when our own wild voices are becoming as extinct as our wild brethren, Robin shows us that when we remember our own wildness we can value all wilderness.

Totally sounds like something I would be dying to read.  In fact, I WAS dying to read it, I was just waiting for my tour date.  The tour date I neglected to add to my review calendar.  *sigh*   Herego, this is why you did not see a review from me yesterday.  It’s because I am a careless git.  HOWEVER,  I now have a new date, September 27th, it is in fact ON my calendar and I am still dying to read it.  So never fear, it will be reviewed!  Just slightly later than we all intended.

In the meantime, maybe you should pick yourself up a copy?  Just saying 😉  You can do so from the Book Depository.  It’s really quite reasonable. 

Summary from Barnes &

God help me find my brain.

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  1. Oh no! That is too bad that you missed your date. I can see it happening to me at some point too though 🙂 AND I really hope you love this book (cuz I didn't… :S)

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