BBAW – Day 5 – Future Treasures

Friday—Future Treasures

We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

I think the question should be what DIDN’T I love about BBAW, the answer to which would be NOTHING!  I love BBAW and the strong sense of community and love that flows all around us this time of year.  Sounds lame, but it’s true!  I love you guys!

The future of blogging for me is a constantly evolving thing.  I see myself steering in a new direction, something I’ve been pondering for many months now, but seems to be finally coming to a head.  I have stress on me in my life, in work, and I don’t need it here.  Reading and blogging is my escape, my pleasure, and I don’t need the added pressure of deadlines and such.  I want to read what I want to read, when I want to read it!  Once I finish up the blog tours I have lined up and catch up on the ARCs I have requested, I doubt I will be accepting many.  There may be the occasional offer that I know I can get done, but it will be rare.

I also see that this YA drought isn’t going to be over for me any time soon.  I’m not exactly sure where I am going, but I seem to be drawn to classics and literary fiction more lately.  Which is weird, but I’m reading such awesome stuff that I am going with it!  I am even 60 pages into DRACULA and ye gods, I am loving it!  Never thought I would say THAT!

8 thoughts on “BBAW – Day 5 – Future Treasures

  1. Oh I'm not surprised at all! I absolutely LOVED Dracula!! It's a fantastic book 🙂 And you should totally read Renfield by Barbara Hambly after you finish that 😉 It's a fantastic book!

    I'm so glad to see you reading for YOU now! Like I told you on Tumblr…I started doing that a couple of years back, and I can't be happier with my choice. Reading and blogging should never be stressful!

  2. That gives me so much hope for Dracula! I'm currently reading The Monk but I'm thinking of starting Dracula when I'm done. That and The Inferno (reread). I'm so glad to hear you'll be reading more classics and such. I have to admit, not much of the YA I've read this year has been great for me, I've just been reading a lot because it was on my shelves and I wanted to get through it. Now I have very little of it left and I don't see myself acquiring much of it any time soon.

  3. Isn't Dracula just wonderful?!! I shocked the socks off myself by falling in love with it when I first read it a couple years ago! And the hubby is reading it for the first time right now and loving it, too!

    Anyway, I'm just so happy that you're going to give up the things that were causing stress. Blogging and reading should bring you joy…not pressure and deadlines. I hope you find this new plan does just that–brings you lots of joy, that is! 😀

  4. Dracula is awful fun isn't it? Glad you've had such a great time during BBAW – I can't imagine that anyone WOULDN'T have a great time though 🙂 I hope you have a great stress-free upcoming year!

  5. This was my first BBAW & I was pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie of my fellow bloggers. I remember reading & enjoying Bram stoker years ago, I had it as part of a classic set I was buying monthly. Enjoy your reading & blogging or your escape becomes just another cage. best of luck

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