Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market is a new feature I started to showcase, well, gardens!  This summer especially, I have really come to enjoy everyone’s garden posts and I selfishly want to see them all, every week!  And as you all know, I’m all about the sustainable living!  So give me your garden photos, your gardening books you’re reading, even give me pictures of your Farmer’s Market loot from the week!  I want it ALL.

Dude. Y’all. I. Am. Exhausted!  And my shift key isn’t working so hot! Come to that, neither is my o000000000! Just dandy.

Today was baby boy’s birthday party.  He turned THREE YEARS OLD yesterday and we smothered him with love and presents today.  Baby boy is much sp0iled!  And feeling slightly poorly as he seems to be coming down with a cold. 🙁  But great fun was had by all, despite the lingering sadness of the day.

Hence, why no Saturday Farmer’s Market post from me until now.  I didn’t get to go to the Farmer’s Market today.  *sniff*  I don’t have much to report on the gardening front either.  This week has been crazy busy at work, so much so that when I got home it was cook, homework (for the girl), baths, books, and bed.  With a hopeful few pages of book myself!  I have managed to get my tomatoes pulled up, along with my corn.  I also annihilated  the honeysuckle that was choking off my rose bushes.  That was some back-breaking work, let me tell you!  I’m excited to get it done, because I have a gorgeous new place to plant me some lovely things!   It’s perfect for a few tomato plants next spring!  I’ll just have to keep an eye on that dreadful honeysuckle!

So.  Did you get anything done this weekend?  I’d love to see.  I’m planning to get those collards and spinach in the ground this week, along with some carrots I think.  I need to see what else I can get in the ground…I’m feeling like we’re going to have a mild winter this year.  After the crazy Snowpocalypses of last year, I don’t particularly want any crazy snow this year!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer's Market

  1. Haha…my link was supposed to say Chris(Stuff as Dreams) It says Chris (Room) because that's the last link I left on a Mr. Linky from the RIP Challenge. Woops! Happy birthday to the little boy 😀 Though I hope he feels better soon 🙁 And I hope you got to rest up, Heather!!!

  2. Awww…happy birthday to the little fella!!! Those birthdays just come around so quickly, don't they?

    And despite the fact that you don't have pics, it sounds like you were busy as could be in the gardening realm!

  3. We've been gardenless. Or I should say we haven't done crap in the garden. We got lots o'rain this week from Hurricane Hermine, so everything is happy.

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