Weekend Cooking – Fig Jam?

So, yeah. I’m making Fig Jam.  And I have no idea what I am doing.  I have never ate a fig.  I have never touched a fig.  The only figgy anything I remember is Fig Newtons and that has been YEARS ago.  But apparently I’m getting some kind of reputation as a jam/jelly/preserve maker and my uncle’s stepdad LOVES Fig Jam.  He is also diabetic.  The Fig Jam recipe I have in my trusted book calls for 6 cups of sugar.

Do you see the hurdles I am facing people?

I am so totally winging it, so here’s hoping!

Here is what I did.

8 cups of chopped figs (this doubles my recipe)

4 cups of sugar (this is about 1/3 of what my recipe called for)

1 cup of lemon juice

A dash of cinnamon

2 packs of no sugar needed Sure-Jell Pectin

So. I chopped up all those figs.  I put them in the pot with the lemon and 1 cup of sugar and I let it sit for about 10 minutes, but stirring occasionally.  Then I put the pot on the stove on medium low and let it simmer for awhile.  Like, QUITE awhile.  Probably 40 minutes.  Oh, and stir, stir, stir!!  Then I turned it up to medium high.  I added the rest of the sugar.   Once it got to a decent boil, I added the pectin and the dash of cinnamon.  Once it was to a rolling boil, I let it boil for 1 minute.

Then I took it off the heat for 5 minutes, to let it cool, still stirring every once in awhile.  I put it in the jars and did a water bath.  Since I used pint jars, I let it boil for 15 minutes.  We’ll see how he likes it, I just hope it tastes okay!

Obviously, daughter isn’t too sure! LOL


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking – Fig Jam?

  1. Hi Heather!
    I just found your blog this weekend through … um.. gee.. I forgot how I landed here on Saturday on my iphone, but I came back today via Beth Fish's blog. Anyway, I love the idea of your Saturday Farmer's Market weekly feature and of course, Beth's Weekend cooking feature that I never seem to get around to participating in. Great ideas, though, and hopefully I'll link up one of these days.

    I love figs! My neighbor's have a tree in their yard and once in a while I'm lucky to score a bunch from them. They're so very expensive in the market. Your jam sounds great… I don't know how much I'd trust a kids' opinion when it comes to figs, though. I think you have to be a grown up to appreciate figs. ^_^


  2. I too love figs…and I even have a jar of fig jam, not homemade, on hand. I must say it is a rather unattractive color and I have not tried it yet.
    but to make it, especially with the sugar issues, is very brave.

  3. The sugar issues are tough. I love figs — fresh, dried, or in jams. I wish it were easy to get fresh figs around here but I rarely find them in the store or the market.

  4. I looooove figs. My grandparents had a fig bush at their old house, and I used to eat them straight off the vine. My cousins weren't too sure about the texture. They're pretty sweet, as-is, so the sugar sounds reasonable.

  5. Figs are HUGE here in New Orleans..it seems like everyone has a fig tree! I'm just not crazy about them though…though I do like fig newtons :p Can't wait to see what your uncle's stepdad thinks of it! It sure does LOOK good 😀

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