Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday Farmer’s Market is a new feature I started to showcase, well, gardens!  This summer especially, I have really come to enjoy everyone’s garden posts and I selfishly want to see them all, every week!  And as you all know, I’m all about the sustainable living!  So give me your garden photos, your gardening books you’re reading, even give me pictures of your Farmer’s Market loot from the week!  I want it ALL.

It’s been a wild day in Casa CR.  The young son woke up WAY TOO EARLY this morning throwing up everything in his stomach. I had to go get him from his Mema’s house at 5 AM.  Seeing as how I didn’t go to BED until 3 AM, I am a little bit tired.

Kiddo is feeling much better now see? Thank goodness! Hopefully there is a nap in my immediate future.

So yeah, I just now went out to take some pictures of my poor, rapidly dying garden.  Well, not so dying.  The okra is going crazy!

This is what happens when you wait too long to pick your okra. You get monster okra!

But the tomatoes, they look rather drying up yes?

I figure they have about a week, maybe two tops.  I’m thinking of ripping them out and planting some collard greens. We love us some collards!  It just needs to start cooling down a little bit first.

Of course, I don’t think this guy will appreciate me doing that!

He isn’t the only creepy-crawly hanging on in the garden.  My basil has bloomed (I’m letting it go to seed) and the bees are LOVING it.

So? How doth your garden grow? I’d love to see your pictures, hear about the books you’ve read, or any Farmer’s Market goodies you got!  I didn’t get to go today 🙁

4 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer's Market

  1. Poor little guy! And poor exhausted Mommy, too. Glad he's feeling better. And I do hope there's a nap in your near future!

    That spider photo is so incredibly gorgeous! And you know, I don't think I've ever had collard greens.

  2. 🙁 I hope your little guy feels better soon, Heather!! I missed you this week while I was away from blogworld!

    I love that the spider is just hanging around your garden 😀 So freaking cool!! Love the bee picture too. I just picked some Basil seed today! I got some giant okra today too! Like over a foot long. I've never seen anything like it…it wasn't even edible…way too hard. Sad that your tomatoes are almost done 🙁 But look how many you got this year!!

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