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Many many huge thanks to Kay from The Neverending Shelf, for her fantastic guest post!

When Heather asked for volunteers to animate her blog while she was away on vacation, I immediately thought that an Artsy Shelf feature on a summer theme would be fun. For the Artsy Shelf, I usually group six covers that have a similarity in theme or color, and at this time of the year, it sounds perfect to look at some amazing covers featuring the beach!

It’s often difficult to pick a favorite, especially when all of these covers so beautifully present the beach and the sea. But, I do have some that I like more than the others : Apologize, apologize is one of my favorite covers, and I’ve been meaning to read the book since I first saw it. I love the colors, and dogs always look like they have so much fun playing in the water!
My second favorite is The Summer of Skinny Dipping – which I haven’t read either. What does the trick in this one, for me, is the lighting. It just feels so summery!

Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Do beach book covers make you want to read a book? Which one would catch your attention at first sight?

8 thoughts on “The Artsy Shelf

  1. Yes they do…covers of summer beach books are especially enticing…I just read Beachcombers…because I loved the title and it was fabulous.

  2. First, thanks again Heather for inviting me here! 😀 I hope you're having a wonderful time on vacation!

    Michelle : Oh I agree, they look like they would be fun to carry to the beach!

    Kathy : Haha! I am partial to them a bit, too, especially in such a beautiful setting.

    Patty : They really are enticing : the covers are beautiful enough that I want to add them all on my wishlist! Glad to hear Beachcombers was good, it's one of those I really want to read.

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