I'm hot!

8835020.jpgAnd I don’t mean because of the heat outside.  Well, it is hot outside as well, but I mean I’m hot in that I am FINALLY reading!  I stayed true to my word, I didn’t read all weekend, but Monday I picked up a book I’ve already read before and fell headlong back into the story.  And I finished knitting a scarf for my hubby, but more on that later.

Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie was one of my most favorite reads a couple years ago.  It’s one of those books I think any story lover would adore and one destined, in my opinion, to be a classic. 

My humble words will not do it justice, so I’m going to quote from the back of the book:

In his most humorous novel, Salman Rushdie gives us an imaginative work of extraordinary intensity and power that is, at its heart, an illumination of the necessity of storytelling in our lives. 

And the most gut-wrenching part of all?  He wrote this book for his son while he was in exile and couldn’t see him.  The dedication:

Z embla, Zenda, Xanadu
A ll our dream-worlds may come true.
F airy lands are fearsome, too
A s I wander far from view
R ead, and bring me home to you.

I admit it, I cried last night when I read that.  This reminds me of the quote in my sidebar.  The power of words to bring back to us those we have lost and miss.  I bought my grandmother a journal for Christmas year before last, one of those kind with questions already in it, about your life and other things.  She did not finish it before she died, but she did finish about half of it and I am so so so thankful for it.  Because there she is, in her handwriting, telling me (and more importantly her great-granddaughter) about her life and now it’s not lost forever.  Luckily I know most of the answers to the rest of the questions and can fill it out for Ellie to have when she’s older and curious about her Granny.

Makes me wish I had kept a better journal for Ellie in the past and even now.  I think I will resolve to do better.

8 thoughts on “I'm hot!

  1. Wow – you are lucky to have that journal. I wish I had something like that from my mother or grandmother.

    So, is the Rushdie book for children? And is it a collection of stories or a single novel? You've piqued my curiosity!

  2. Kailana, I've been meaning to read more Rushdie since I first read Haroun. Haven't done it yet.

    Lesley, it's directed more to children/young adult but it's one of those books an adult can get something out of too. Very morality/fablish thing going on. It's a novel. It's about a young boy whose father is a storyteller. His mother leaves and his father can't tell his stories any more. So the boy goes in search of the stories to make his father happy again. Very very good book.

  3. I got the journal from Journals Unlimited. They have all kinds of journals. Journals for grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, boy/girlfriends, book lovers, vacations, friends, wine, everything! This was in their "Between Me and You" series. I need to get one for me and one for the hubby for our kid(s).

  4. Such powerful and sweet sentiments you've expressed. I am touched by the history you have with Laura Ingall's and the memories it weaves into your time with your father. And the blessing of your grandmother's journal. You've encouraged me to renew my goal to interview my mother who is 84 yrs old. I have bits and pieces, some recorded, some only in my head. Just what I needed to get going again. Thank-you.

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