Audiobook Week – Barbara Rosenblat

Barbara Rosenblat.

Take heed.

It is Barbara Rosenblat.


Please, never make the mistake of calling her Barbara Rosenblatt.  She will call you out on it and she will mortify you and you will be sorely tempted to never email to her again.   Literally, your face will burn with shame.  However, once propery mortified, she is a delight.  And once you start finding out more about her life, you can’t help but be fascinated, amazed, and come to adore her even more.

Barbara is a highly respected veteran of not only audiobooks but of stage, screen, radio as well.  She has worked in England at the West End Theater, television, film and on BBC Radio.  She appeared in Guiding Light and Law and Order SVU in the States.  She created the role of Mrs. Medlock in the Tony Award winning Broadway production of The Secret Garden and co-starred with Liev Shriver in Talk Radio.  And she has voiced many documentaries and commercials.  And many game fans have been exposed to her voice since she voiced DJ Reni Wassulmaier in the Grand Theft Audio series.   She has done too many audiobooks to name and Billboard Magazine has said that she “is spoken of with the same reverence and affection that the music industry reserves for Frank Sinatra and the Beatles.”   Barbara IS the voice of Amelia Peabody in Elizabeth Peters’ mystery series, to the series fans and to the author herself.  For me, she is the voice of Bridget Jones.  She has won 8* coveted Audies from Audio Publishers Association and 40 Golden Earphone Awards.   It is a great honor and privileged to welcome her to my blog today.

Capricious Reader – Your audio books are some of my favorites on the market.  How do you go about preparing for a new novel to read?  What is the recording process like?

Barbara Rosenblat – Preparation, at this point, involves reading the novel slowly, marking words or phrases I cannot pronounce, and allowing the ‘whole audio canvas’ to develop in my head.

Then I am ready to get into the studio. Depending on who I am working for, recording sessions can be a few hours a day over a couple of weeks or 8 hours a day over a predetermined block of time to make deadline. Despite careful preparation, new things can occur to me as I work adding a freshness to each session and a sense of immediacy to the process.

CR – How many books have you recorded?

BR – Up to this point, I have recorded over 400 titles…mysteries, classics, best sellers,romances, sci-fi, young adult, children’s, biography/memoir, self-help… you get the picture. It’s nice not to be hemmed in by a single genre.

CR – Do you have any favorites?

BR – Favourites?? That’s a toughie as I see all my projects independently of eachother with their own special pleasures. I just recorded 10 short stories by Eudora Welty for Audible. I was new to her writing and new to Audible (although they have been carrying my titles for years) and the voyage of discovery for this project was wonderful. The work simply never gets old.

CR – What are you working on now?

BR – Currently, I am in the midst of recording Kathy Reich’s new ‘Tempe Brennan’ mystery, ‘Spider Bones’. It takes place in Hawaii so alot of research was done to get all the native place names correct. That should be out in the fall from Recorded Books.

Thank you Barbara for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.  And thank you for all you do for us audiobook lovers.  I know I can’t wait for the Eudora Welty collection, one of my favorite authors!

And thank you Jen for creating this wonderful week to celebrate audiobooks.  I hope it becomes a yearly tradition.

*6/27 – Ms. Rosenblat just informed that, as of last month, she now has 8 Audies.  Congratulations Barbara!

16 thoughts on “Audiobook Week – Barbara Rosenblat

  1. Count me among Barbara (One T) Rosenblat's fans. The Peabody series is one of my favorites. I'm about halfway through. I dole them out so I don't finish too quickly!

    I've also listened to a few Nevada Barr and Diane Mott Davidson books. She was one of the narrators for The Preservationist and I believe she reads the Vicky Bliss novels too.

    Anyway, Barbara has kept me company for many hours.

  2. Oh, my! Barbara Rosenblat is one of my very, very favorite narrators. I would listen to this woman read the phone book or her grocery list. She is and will forever be the voice of Amelia Peabody to me. Wonderful! Thanks so much Heather for having her for an interview and thanks to Ms. Rosenblat for responding. It was delightful.

  3. What fun!

    I'm very familiar with her name, but I wasn't sure which books at first. Amelia Peabody? I listened to those! Nevada Barr? Those too! Kathy Reichs? I listened to a few, although I read most on paper.

    I suspect there are a lot more…

  4. Dang it, my comment earlier didn't submit! Here I come back to see if you've responded, and my comment doesn't even exist. Anyway, my comment earlier was something to the effect that I don't think I've ever had the pleasure to listen to something that Ms. Rosenblat has narrated, and I wondered where you would recommend I start.

    1. Weird! I've been getting a ton of spam lately, I must have missed it in the mix.

      My first was Bridget Jones Diary (1 and 2) and I really loved both. I started, but didn't finish, Away by Amy Bloom and what I heard of that was really good. I need to get back to that one… I can't remember what I all I have listened to by her, but everything was good. She is a master!

      I am seriously sorry her reading of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is only available on the Recorded Books website. I've heard it's the best one! And I think I am going to start the Amelia Peabody series next month, when I get my Audible credit. Since Candace likes it so much, I figure I will to!

  5. I have listened to Barbara Rosenblat narrate both the Amelia Peabody mysteries and also Vicky Bliss, and I have to say that even years down the track I can still hear her voice particulary her characterisations of Emerson! It is a total pleasure to listen to her work!

  6. I am currently listenng to 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' by Lionel Shriver and it is my introduction to the Divine Ms Rosenblat.
    Had I not chosen to listen rather than read the text I might not yet have encountered her sublime voice and superb reading.
    She is a Goddess!! I can't wait to find more of her work.

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