Book #35 for 2006


by Marjane Satrapi

Rated 10/10

Published by Pantheon

160 pages

Amazing.  Simply amazing.  The writing is amazing.  The message is amazing (and very timely).  The drawing, while simple, is amazing and amazing in it's simplicity.  This autobiography told in comic book form, tells the story of Marjane or Marji, from the age of 10 to 14 and what is was like growing up in Iran during the Islamic revolution and the Iran-Iraq war.  Told with an open honesty that is to be admired, Satrapi combines the normal rebelliousness and, at times, closemindedness of a teenager with the horrors of war.  I feel ashamed to realize that the things she and her country where going through were something I was all by oblivious too, which I blame on my school and my families desire to shield me from such things.  I feel all the more enriched by meeting Marjane and learning things everyone should know in this day and age, what will all the things going on in the Middle East.  "This is a graphic novel of immense power and importance for Westerners of all ages.*" Can't wait to read Perseplis II.

*Susan H. Woodcock, Fairfax County Public Library, Chantilly, VA via

7 thoughts on “Book #35 for 2006

  1. First, swanky template! Love it.

    Second, I knew you'd love this book! I actually took it with me for my Ghost World presentation as a visual aid to illustrate the differing visual styles in graphic narrative. I loved her very spare illustrations…especially her conception of God. He looked just like Jerry Garcia! 😀 Persepolis II is very good, too. And I hope to get my hands on Embroideries soon.

  2. Andi, isn't it fantastic! I so heart it!

    And I figured I would love it, very little of what I have read that you recommended hasn't lived up to expectations. I wish I could have seen your A+!!! presentation. Sounds so very cool!

    I want to read Embrodieries as well. My stupid library doesn't have it though. I think I'm going to go recommend they buy it.

    Marg, they are great! I got it from the library, but I may just have to buy for rereading.

  3. I found it!! Not at my normal library but found it nonetheless!! Is Embroideries connected to the Persepolis books or is it a completely separate story?

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