Books 27 and 28

Finally! I have sat down to review these books! I'm going to review my reads 27 and 28 together, since obviously they DO go together. 

Maus I and II (My Father Bleeds History and Here My Troubles Began, respectively) are brilliant.  If you have not read these books you should.  If you don’t read graphic novels, I don’t care; you should still read these books.  It is worth the experience to try it. 

For a long time I have been a lover of history.  I get it honest, as my grandmother was the same way.  I love it so much I minored in it in college.  One of my classes in college was on World War II and it was so fascinating.  The professor was amazing and he really made the class into something more than your regular boring history class.  To this day I remain fascinated by WWII and the Holocaust and have read many books on the subject.  Out of all I’ve read, Maus stands out as an astonishing achievement. 

This, by far, was the most moving and emotional read for me this year.  The stark black and white drawings, coupled with the true story of the authors’ father, the story-within-a-story motif, all come together to make an unforgettable story.  The visuals alone often moved me more than the words or the story.  Just being able to visualize what those people went through, all because of their race, it’s heartbreaking.  And Maus really brings it all home.  This is an amazing and poignant monument to one man’s struggle to survive, even when the odds were stacked against him.   

Now, moving on to more by Speigelman.  And I also want to look into
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

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