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Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Eva and Marg that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.  Where I share the ridicious amount of books I have checked and returned to the library unread.

For really, it’s ridiculous.  I am reasonably sure I am on the verge of a reading slump or, quite possibly, am already in one.  I seem to be only able to get into audio books at the moment.  I have about 5 books going and none of them are really catching my attention.  The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, however, an audio book AND a reread has me enthralled.  If you haven’t read it yet, want to reread it before reading The Dead-Tossed Waves (like I did) or have ever been curious about it – the audio is excellent!  If your library uses Overdrive, they just added it this week!  Yay!

Now, on to my loot.  Last weekend, I sat down with most of my library books and read the first few pages of each, trying to get one to catch my attention.  If they had potential, I kept them.  If they weren’t working out, they went back.  Honestly, I think I have too many books I want to read at the moment and my reading is suffering for it.  I am really thinking of taking a month off from reading anything but what I want to read.  I think we’d all be happier people if I did.   So, most books went back except the ones I thought had some potential.  And of course, I picked up holds and a few I found on the shelf.

New checkouts

Crossing Stones by Helen Frost.  Honestly, I got it because of the cover.  It’s just so gorgeous!  It’s caught my eye a few times now, so I picked it up.  Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and the library just got the audio book!  Seemed a safe bet, at the moment anyway!  Num8ers by Rachel Ward.  I just read Jenn at Jenn’s Bookshelves review this week and it sounded really interesting.  It was on the shelf, surprisingly, so I grabbed it!  Incidentally, she’s giving away a copy.

Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. I put this one on hold AGES ago and it finally showed up.  Looks like it might be a nice, easy read, which maybe it just what I need right now. Veracity by Laura Bynum was just sitting there on the shelf, minding it’s own business, when I snatched it up.  I know I read several good reviews of it and it certainly sounds interesting!

Still sitting at home, unread

I think I can fit in Apple of My Eye. The NC Digital Library added Going Bovine this week (with bunches of other new YAs, I’m in seventh heaven!) and I checked it out. So I expect this will go back this week and I will listen instead.  I seem to be listening to books better than reading them here lately!  Gone still stands a chance, even though it is freakin’ huge!

I read the first few pages of The Postmistress, but the slump struck again.  Couldn’t get into it.  I held on to it to try again, because I just know I would love it.   Haven’t looked at Prima Donna or Smile yet.  Will though.

Haven’t looked at these yet.  I will definitely look at Blankets though, probably when I get off the computer.

Returned to the library, unread

Committed was audio, so it’s now on my iPod.  Tried Devil’s Kiss; no go.  The Help was not renewable *sob* and, even though I was (I think!) getting into it, had to go back unfinished.  I think I’m going to have to buy this one to get it read! 🙁

Seeing as how I just finished listening to a VERY VERY EXCELLENT audio/foodie book (The School of Essential Ingredients) I was pretty sure Keeping the Feast would suffer for it.  I will get it again later.  Will also get Dewey and A La Carte later too.  I think I’m going to get A La Carte for the readathon!

Will get Grace Hammer again.  And I STILL don’t know why I put Tales on hold.  One of life’s mysteries I guess.  Here’s hoping something catches my interest.  Any look good to you?

16 thoughts on “Library Loot

  1. I always love reading other bloggers' Library posts because it makes me feel better about not getting to all of my books. I think I may go looking for the Cutting Stone at my library this morning, actually. I'll look for your review when you get to it. :O)
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Perfect Life ~ Jessica Shattuck =-.

  2. Coworker raved about Numbers. I brought home Veracity, but couldn't get into it. Might've been a my mood thing. Loved Going Bovine. Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven bothered me (but there would have to be spoilers to tell you why). Dewey was cute, but I found the audio almost over the top sentimental. Don't know if that would come across in the book or not. I have both Smile and Madman Underground on my TBR list, and you've made me curious about The School of Essential Ingredients. I don't think I could ever do a library loot post–I work at the library, and bring home books just about every day, and have about 50 things checked out at any given time! So appreciate you sharing!
    .-= Becker´s last blog ..Tutus Aren't My Style =-.

    1. i think there’s nothing wrong ’bout meeorstxuality. why bother or make a fuss ’bout it? it’s no big deal! and i think it’s cool!!! hail to all metrosexuals out there! you rockkk!!

  3. I think you're right about having too many choices causing a slump. I think that it's hard to get into anything because there are so many choices and I just keep thinking that I can't wait to read such-and-such. But as soon as I pick that up, something else catches my eye. It's a good thing that I've committed to so many books for review–I don't have any choice but to finish the books and have been well rewarded for the most part.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..The Writing On My Forehead =-.

    1. Yes! That is it! Thank you Kelly!!! I was a little frustrated that I couldn't remember where I heard about it. And now, I must check it back out to find out why it got a Printz honor. *sigh*

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