Wordless/Wondrous Words Wednesday

We are so ready for Spring!

More Wordless Wednesday fun here.

Wondrous Words WednesdayWondrous Words Wednesday is a fantastic meme hosted by BermudaOnion from BermudaOnion’s Book Blog. It is where we share new (to us) words that we’ve encountered in our reading.

From Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show: A Novel by Frank Delaney

shillelagh; as in:

…when he wanted something from somebody he loomed over them with his big frame and poked them with a finger as thick as a shillelagh.

[shuh-ley-lee, -luh]

–noun(esp. in Ireland)

a cudgel, traditionally of blackthorn or oak.

What interesting words did you come across this week in your reading?

19 thoughts on “Wordless/Wondrous Words Wednesday

  1. Great word. Here's mine.

    Mirandize – to advise (a person being arrested) of his or her rights under the Miranda ruling.

    Grandiloquent – speaking or expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic.

    Monomania from The Lost Stories of Louisa May Alcott. It means to have a pathological obsession with one thing or another.

  2. As I am just a *little bit* obsessed with all things Irish (lol), I am familiar with the word shillelagh, but it certainly is a fun one to say, isn't it?!

    Have a great Wednesday, and a fabulous week ahead!

  3. I knew how to pronounce that word when I saw it, so I guess I've looked it up in the past . . . and totally forgot what it meant. LOL

    Gorgeous photo!!! I am never, ever ready for spring *except* when it comes to photography. Love, love the pretty colors.
    .-= Bookfool, aka Nancy´s last blog ..Some weeks are like that =-.

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