Book #22 for 2006

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
Rated 7/10
Published in 2004, St. Martin's Press
432 Pages
Started March 24, 2006
Finished March 30, 2006

Comments: This book was a pleasant surprise. It was what I was expecting, light, fluffy, easy on the brain, but it also surprised me by being more. Great dialogue, great characters, a plot that has more twists and turns than the Danube river (not that I have any idea what I'm talking about there!) this book when down smooth and easy.

This book reminded me a lot of Good in Bed, in that our heroine is on the heavy side and she's been burned by a guy and is decidedly NOT looking for love. But in walks Mr. Right and she's knocked for a loop she wasn't expecting. And he's just as surprised as she is, since he wasn't exactly looking for her either. Misunderstandings, bets, chicken marsala and lots of laughs insue as these two do everything in there power to stay away from each other. The sexual tension is hot, the love scenes hotter, and with a wicked cat named Elvis with a penchant FOR Elvis (as in Presley) this novel definitely seems to have it all. Highly recommend for a great distraction from the real world.

8 thoughts on “Book #22 for 2006

  1. This is my favorite Crusie book, for sure. I currently have Fast Women in my reading pile, and I'm hoping it will be fun too.

  2. The sexual tension was my favorite part of the book. Cal and Min were HOT. I also recommend Charlie All Night for the next time you feel like a Crusie.

  3. I think the only one of hers I haven't been particularly fond of was Fast Women. Welcome to Temptation and Crazy for You were also a lot of fun. Almost as good as Bet Me and Charlie All Night.

  4. I wasn't particularly fond of Fast Women either, that and Strange Bedpersons. Jenny said on a blog somewhere that she is thinking about writing a sequel to Fast Women. Can't remember where I saw it though!

  5. Okay… so now that I have two negatives for Fast Women, my reading pile has gotten a bit lighter. At least I hadn't started it yet 🙂

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