Have I mentioned the bet my hubby and I have going on?  We have agreed that if I can get down to 125 punds (not terribly unreasonable, I’m already 139 and the healthy weight for my height is 129) (what can I say, I’m a shorty!) (and there is nothing saying I have to STAY THERE) he will quit smoking.

Late last year I decided that I was going to get in shape and loose a few pounds. I’ve stepped up on the exercise (I just added jogging in this week!) and doing the eating right thing (well, most of the time). I’ve quit drinking sodas (did that months ago actually, except for the occasional ginger ale) and even tried The Game On! Diet (by myself) last month. So far I’ve lost about 7 pounds and I’m starting to feel really good. My body feels looser than it has in months, my thighs don’t rub together QUITE as much as they used to, and I’m not gasping for air if I take all 4 flights of steps up to the top floor at work!

Hubby thought if he bet me quitting smoking for weight loss, it would give me an extra incentive to work hard.  I think he should stop smoking anyway, but whatever.  I’ll wear him down eventually.  I’m more interesting in being HEALTHY than he is, obviously.

So, what do I need your help with? MUSIC. I listen to my iPod while I’m working out, like a lot of people do, and I usually listen to audio books. HOWEVER, now that I’ve added running into the mix, I can’t concentrate on a book any more, so I started listening to music. And I made a startling (to me) discovery. Dance music makes me MOVE. Most of the music on my iPod is rock music. I polled Twitter, which got me off to a good start, but I need more. So help me. What’s good to listen to when working out? I now have some Lady Gaga, some P!nk, some Christina Aguilera, some others I can’t think of at the moment…. who should I add? What do you listen to while you exercise?  I will love you forever if you can give me more!

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  1. I'm not up on current music, so I don't have any suggestions. Good luck to you! My hubby's been smoke free for two and a half years after 30 years of smoking – if he can quite, so can your hubby.

  2. I'm delurking to tell you: Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, Passion Pit are good choices. I like Basement Jaxx's "Where's You Head At?" when I'm running. Hope these help you stay motivated!

  3. I love house and Rave. You have some great choices.

    Some ideas:
    calabria enur
    black eyed peas
    search all your favourite songs by putting remix, rave, house…

    If I think of more I will come back.

    I wish you the best and hope your hubby does stop smoking for his own good health.

    Note – don't eat after 8 anymore and try some Pilates classes so you can keep the body tight from losing.
    .-= Marce´s last blog ..Friday Finds – The Murderer's Daughters =-.

    1. I added a couple Black Eyed Peas and like that. I need to add more. Madonna is good too! Why didn't I think of her?? I haven't heard of some of the others; I'll look them up.

      And thanks for the advice. I try really hard to not drink or eat after 8 any more anyway, but it's hard. lol

  4. OOOH OOOH!!! I have a fantastic recommendation that is dance/techno-y, but it's not pure techno. And it's bookish! Poe (the singer) is Mark Danielewski's (wrote House of Leaves) sister, and her album Haunted is not only a soundtrack to the book, but also a really kick-ass album. I used to listen to it constantly when I was working out hardcore.
    .-= Andi´s last blog ..Sticky Post: Starting an Etsy Shop! =-.

  5. I definitely agree on the Black Eye Peas and Lady Gaga! When I'm walking I listen to both plus Kings of Leon's latest album Only by the Night. What about Feist's "1234" and "I Feel It All"? Or Gnarls Barkley, Joss Stone for a little soul, The Smashing Pumpkins, or U2?

  6. I see someone already mentioned Green Day. "Holiday" is my favorite working-out song. I'm also a fan of "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs. Kiddo suggests "Made to Love" by Toby Mac. Have you asked on Twitter? Say you're running and a bunch of runners will probably follow you and tell you what to listen to. "Careless Whisper" by Seether is good for moderate pace or a cooldown if you've been going fast and need to slow a bit.
    .-= Bookfool, aka Nancy´s last blog ..If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period by Gennifer Choldenko =-.

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