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I listened to this book way back, early in the year, and don’t know how it escaped unreviewed, but lucky me, I can review it this week because it is perfect for this week! 

Evil at Heart is the third in the Gretchen Lowell series by Chelsea Cain.  The first two, Heartsick and Sweetheart were both unusual reads for me, as this is not my usual genre, but were both so well written and excited, that I had to keep going! 

SPOILER FREE REVIEW: Sick, twisted fun, with an awesome reader.  Start at the beginning because the stories build on each other and hold on for one heck of a wild ride! 

FROM HERE ON OUT; this review assumes you have read the first two books in the series; I’m just not sure how to go about reviewing it without spoiling the first two books. 

So yeah, Gretchen Lowell.  Crazy woman huh?  Flipping psycho!  The freak went and broke out of prison in the Sweetheart, but there was that promise right?  That Archie wouldn’t off himself if she didn’t go back to her old, nasty, serial killer ways but now, doo do doo do, it looks like she has!  Egad!  What will soulfully wounded, emotionally wrecked Archie do?  He’s already escaped her crazy clutches one time; can he do it again and bring her down at the same time?    It’s a nail biter folks, be sure to file those bad boys down before you start listening. 

Carolyn McCormick continues to read the series and girlfriend does not shy away from the bloody parts.  I still think of her as Katniss, the girl who was on fire, because she read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and she’d flipping better read Mockingjay, but I’m starting to separate her from that. I think.  Anyhoo, she rocks the Gretchen Lowell boat.   This one gets a little wild, a little out there, but I’m so obsessed with Archie and Susan that I just don’t care.  I have to know what happens next!!  And you know you do too. 

Evil at Heart
Chelsea Cain
Category: Suspense, Thriller
Published by MacMillan Audio
Format: Audio CD
On Sale: September 1, 2009
ISBN: 978-1427207821

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