Book #21 for 2006

Magic for Beginners
by Kelly Link
Rated 6/10
Published in 2005 by Small Beer Press
Started March 8, 2006
Finished March 17, 2006
Genre: Short Story/Fiction/Fantasy/Strange

Ms. Link lives in a very strange world.  Zombies walk amongst the living in her world.  The dead and the living marry and have dead children in her world.  Big corporations are trying to figure out the best market to sell things to the dead/zombies on their way to the next world.  Rabbits, rode by tiny men, guard haunted houses.  And whole nations live inside a faery handbag made of a dead dog’s skin.

There were a couple of stories I really liked in this collection; The Faery Handbag and the title story, Magic for Beginners.  One reviewer says, ” Link is the purest, most distinctive surrealist in America, and she doesn’t stop at prose-poem length. Ray Olson.” I’m not totally sure I agree with this.  While she is distinctive and very surreal, I came away feeling like I’d been beaten over the head with her brand of symbolism.  I would definitely say that Ms. Link has a quirky, original (if strange) voice that, at times, I found hard to stomach, but on the whole entertaining.

How is that for strange?

Definitely check out The Faery Handbag though, it’s by far the best.

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