The Foundling by Georgette Heyer

foundlingDo you like historical fiction?  Romantic comedy?  Historical romantic comedic fiction?  A wee bit of slapstick with your costume drama?

Then mayhaps you should give Georgette Heyer a read.

Because DUDE, she has got it going on! In spades!

Incidentally, what does that mean?  Got it in spades?  Is it a card reference?

Ahem.  Anyway.  Sorry.

So, The Foundling.  By Georgette Heyer. Hilarious.  So, so, so good. Perhaps my most favorite one yet.

The Foundling features Gilly.  Gilly is the Seventh Duke of Sale.  And he is extremely young.  Like, 24 years young.  Gilly’s family are, rather, uh, well overprotective doesn’t seem strong enough.  They are obsessed with his safety, his delicacy, his health, mind, weight, heart, hair, and toenails.  Well, not THAT obsessed, but you get the idea.  They are extremely CONCERNED about Gilly.

One day, Gilly decides he has had enough. He is a MAN, dangnabit, and by God, he is going to prove it!

So he sets out, incognito, on a journey through the countryside.  On this journey he meets an intriguing cast of characters including a runaway school boy, a beautiful orphan and an extremely…oh…interesting villain.  One review I read calls this villain “one of literature’s most appealing and well-spoken comic villains” (doesn’t that alone make you want to read it?? I mean, come on!  Well-spoken AND comic? Be still my wee heart!).  Gilly plunges into intrigue after intrigue, one true to Heyer mishap after the other and the result is delightful.

Tis the time of year to give, so give Heyer a chance.  Read her and weep with laughter.  Snort with glee.  And bask in the glow that is a contented read.  This is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a nice hot mug of tea and good ole Georgette.  Heyer is teh awesome.

The Foundling
Written by: Georgette Heyer
Publisher and Date: Sourcebooks, September 2009
Paperback 448 pages
Regency Romance

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