Book #14 for 2006

Fables Vol. 3 by Bill Willingham

Rated 10/10
Published in 2004 by Vertigo
192 pages
Started and Finished February 18, 2006
Recommended by Andi
Genre: Graphic Novel

Best Parts: Same as always; characters, story and illustrations! And my two favorite characters hooked up; even if they were under an evil enchantment.

Worst Parts: Too short! I want more!

Review: Lazy version, and they do it better:

FABLES: STORYBOOK LOVE is a captivating tale of romance and adventure. After being hunted and hounded by a savage being called the Adversary, the legendary characters of fables and fairytales were forced to relocate to a magical high-rise in Manhattan. Living in peaceful disharmony for centuries, the literary figures have forged a dysfunctional existence of tentative alliances and allegiances. But when Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf begin an improbable romance, Bluebeard enacts a devious plan to destroy his rivals. Now as Goldilocks mercilessly stalks the two lovers in the Cascade Mountains, Prince Charming confronts Bluebeard in a deadly duel within the confines of the Fables’ New York condominium. “From Amazon.”

9 thoughts on “Book #14 for 2006

  1. Oh my! You are on BOOK #14 for 2006. I’m so impressed. I think I’m only on #5.

    Of course that’s because I read two of the most boring books known to man, but hey, why can’t I just read boring books as fast as interesting ones. I’ll never make anywhere near 50 books at the rate I’m going.

  2. Anita, this is totally out of the norm for me. In a normal year I would be on 35 as well. I read a lot in January because the hubby was working weird hours and I don't sleep well anyway. So when he would leave, I would get up and read until time to go to work. I'm slowing down now that he's working normal again.

  3. Fence, since there is an over-arching storyline, I would say start at the beginning, especially if you plan on reading all of them. But, as standalones…they could possibly work that way as well.

  4. Heather,

    Thanks for making me feel better (although the thought of you being on #35 freaked me out for a moment!). The odd thing is that I consider myself to be a fast reader once I'm actually reading. It's finding the time to pick up the book that seems to be the issue. And of course if the book is dull I manage to find alternative activities even more readily.

    Congrats on a great reading January. I'm still impressed frankly!

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