When You Reach Me

whenyoureachmeWhen You Reach Me
Written by: Rebecca Stead
Published by: Wendy Lamb Books,  July 14, 2009
Paperback: 208 pages

Oh, When You Reach Me, how do I love you?  Let me count the ways…

1) It pays homage to one of my favorite books EVAH; Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time.

2) It involves TIME TRAVEL.

3) The characters are just darling.

Miranda is a sixth-grader living in New York with her mother in 1978 (the year I was born!!!!).  Her most favorite book in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is A Wrinkle in Time.  She reads it ALL. THE. TIME.  It is the only book she WILL READ.  So when she starts getting a bunch of mysterious notes from someone who hints of future events, she comes to believe that they are, in fact, from the future.   She tries to find the connection to the notes and her life by observing everything around her from her friends, her family and event he raving lunatic homeless man that lives on her street.

I read this during the recent readathon and it was absolutely perfect for that event, as so many of you told me. Thank you!  I loved this lovely little book.  I appreciated the references to A Wrinkle in Time, the characters and their beautifully written voices, and the plot…the plot!  As it unfolded I got so excited because it just seemed so perfectly done.  Do you ever feel that way?  When you’re reading, and everything is unfolding so beautifully, so EXACTLY what you wanted?  Don’t you just want to cry?

Well, I didn’t cry, but I do think I sniffled a little bit.

If you enjoy mid-grades and YA fiction, I definitely recommend you give this little gem a read.  Or, if you liked A Wrinkle in Time, because I felt the some of the same magic from that book in this one.  You can really tell the author must love that book as much as you did.  Stead writes with a sure, knowing hand and her words just glow.  This is an unusual and thought-provoking little mystery that will definitely speak to the child in you.

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14 thoughts on “When You Reach Me

  1. Oh, you had me right from #2!! I LOVE time travel books and I just listed A Wrinkle in Time on my list of Top Ten Books from my childhood at my blog this week! That series was my absolute favorite when I was a kid.

    I will definitely read this one – thanks so much for the review!

    .-= Sue Jackson´s last blog ..Teen/YAReview: Hush, Hush =-.

  2. Totally love the cover — adorable! (I'm a total cover art junkie; I just can't help it!) I remember reading A Wrinkle In Time when I was 12 or 13 and not really "getting" it… that was way before my days as an obsessive reader and future English major, haha. Definitely need to re-read it — and grab this one, too!
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Book wishlists: A real fine place to start? =-.

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