In a Perfect World

In a Perfect World
In a Perfect World

In a Perfect World
Written by Laura Kasischke
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Harper Perennial; 1 edition (October 6, 2009)
Language: English

It seems like I’ve been reading a lot of end-of-the-world/dystopian type novels this year.  I’m not sure why, other than I love the freaking heck out of them!  I guess there is something appealing about reading about people living in the face of the end or difficult circumstances or things of that ilk.  It’s just fun, people!  Crazy!

Kasischke’s book, In A Perfect World, in another in a proud line of such end of the world tales.  Jiselle is finally the bride, after being the bridesmaid six times.  She has married pilot Mark Dorn – handsome pilot, widower, and father of three.  Jiselle gets to quit her job as a flight attendant and leave behind all the irritation and grumbling from the job.   Ever since the outbreak of the Phoenix flu, passengers have become even harder to handle (and put up with) than ever.  She moves into Mark’s beautiful log cabin and begins to help him raise his three precious children.

Marriage, and instant motherhood, are not all they are cracked up to be.  Jiselle finds she is frequently alone with Mark out on flights and she’s lonely.  She thinks the children hate her.  And the Phoenix flu, once thought of as a passing threat, will change everything about the life Jiselle thought she had into something more life altering – and threatening – than she ever dreamed.

I am sooooo close to finishing this one. I would have finished last night, but we HAD TO carve pumpkins – daughter’s emphasis.  I feel that I can give my opinion on the novel at this point though.  As a parent whose children have had the DREADED swine flu, I can say that this is one freaky read.  The basic abandonment of America by the global community was unsurprising and saddening.  The descent of Jiselle’s own life is depressing when used with this pandemic as a counter point.  This novel is more than a dystopian look at a potential future for our world; Jiselle’s struggle for her identity when faced with the new life she has chosen is also sobering.  It is a power look at the choices women face when entering an already established family especially in those situations when the children dislike the new interference to their lives.  The family dynamic is the main focus of this story and, even though I feel like the Phoenix flu angle takes away from that main focus at times, it still makes for a compelling and interesting story.   If you like a story that focuses on the difficulties of the dysfunctional family dynamic and learning about yourself in new and challenging endeavors with perhaps a little bit of apocalyptic, end of the world as we know it type stuffs, I recommend you grab a copy of In A Perfect World.

From what I hear and what I’ll know in a few chapters, there is a somewhat ambiguous ending, which are either hit or miss with me, but wanted to forewarn you.  If you don’t like those type of endings, you may want to think twice.  I know some readers love them and some hate them.  I can go either way and will probably update this review with a note once I finish it.

Thanks to the publisher for supplying my copy of this book, to TLC Blog Tours for their general AWESOMENESS and you, for reading!  To see other reviews of In A Perfect World, check out these other sites:

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19 thoughts on “In a Perfect World

  1. I've been reading a lot of dystopia as well, lately, maybe it's the impending gloom of winter? :O) This sounds fun but I ma save it for a day when I've been less inundated with scary, end of the world ideas!
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..BTT: Blurbage. =-.

  2. I've been all over the dystopian/end-of-the-world ficton lately, too! This is the fourth (or fifth?) novel along that vein I've read in the past few months… I think I need to take a breather after this one, though. 🙂

    I'm more than halfway through In A Perfect World in preparation of my own tour date next week, and it's totally freaking me out! Kasischke does a remarkable job of juxtaposing all the chaos in the world with the chaos in Jiselle's own life. And you're right — one of the scariest things about the novel is the harsh anti-American sentiment. Yikes! I'll probably finish this weekend… great review!
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Random things that make me happy =-.

  3. I love me some dystopic/post-apocalyptic novels! This one sound right up my alley. It's not a YA book, is it? Haven't seen it on the shelves, but that doesn't mean much. It's getting crazy busy at work and I can't keep up with all the product coming into the store. I'm definitely adding this to my list.
    .-= Les in NE´s last blog ..The Birthing House =-.

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