Book #9 for 2006

Brilliance of the Moon by Lian Hearn

by Lian Hearn
Rated 8/10
Published by Riverhead Books, 2004
414 Pages (my library only had the large print!)
Genre: Historical/Fantasy
Reason for Reading: Wanted to finish this trilogy

Best Parts: Great story, love the romance between the two main characters and the writer didn’t make everything easy-peasy for them. And it helps I love Japanese culture too!

Worst Parts: The ending tied up almost too quickly.

Review: I’m at work so I don’t have my journal. Here is the Amazon review, which I am sure will give it better justice than I.

Lian Hearn’s third installment in the Tales of the Otori series Brilliance of the Moon brings a mystical and violent conclusion to the saga of Takeo Otori as he fulfills his destiny to reclaim the Otori lands. At the climax of Grass for his Pillow, Takeo’s passion for his beloved Kaede was finally realized with their secret and forbidden wedding. As spring approaches, Takeo and Kaede prepare for war and embark on a campaign to reclaim their respective realms. But just when victory seems certain, Hearn characteristically uproots her characters with unseen treachery and the two lovers are again separated. Takeo must summon courage from his conflicted heritage as he marches towards his destiny. The fates of other Otori characters are also determined in a succinct and magical finale.

This third chapter in the Otori saga lives up its predecessors. Hearn’s mythical ancient Japan is again brought to storybook life. Although the novel’s climax comes suddenly and almost unexpectedly, the afterword hints at another tale to be told by the heirs of Kaede and Takeo’s legendary rise.

Moving on to Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce and finishing up Twilight (God, I LOVE this book!) by Stephenie Meyer.

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