The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances

The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances
The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances

Title: The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances
Author: Mark Millhone
Reading Level: Adult, Non-fiction
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Rodale Books (July 7, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1594868239
ISBN-13: 978-1594868238
Rated: 4/5

A man reconnects with his dad and finds his way back from a year filled with tragedy and loss in this touching memoir that puts a humorous cast on some of life’s darkest moments…

Mark Millhone has just had the worst nine-months of his life.   His youngest son, Benny, almost died from birth complications.  His emotionally distant father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His neurotic mother died of a heart attack.  His son was mauled by the family dog.  And his once idyllic marriage is slowly coming apart at the seams.

What is a guy to do?

Why, what any other red-blooded American man would do!  Late one night, Millhone logged on to “The Patron Saint of Used Cars” aka EBAY and bid on a vintage BMW.  Loading up the kids and wife, Millhone drops them off with her parents in upstate New York and heads to Texas.  There, with his Dad, he picks up the car and commences on a road trip to find himself, a little perspective, and the sheer will to just keep going on.

Mark Millhone pulls no punches in this wry, hilarious and heartfelt look at the worst year of his life.  It is a unique male perspective on marriage, child-rearing, loss, love and rekindling the romance in a faltering relationship but it will appeal to both sexes without a doubt.  I really enjoyed this little book and laughed, and cried, along with Millhone every ‘mile’ of the way.

Many thanks to TLC Book tours for the review copy.

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11 thoughts on “The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances

  1. I've seen this one around but just wasn't sure about it. You've swayed me–in no small part because it's a book I know that both my husband and I will read.

  2. First: Heather, I didn't realize you changed your avatar! That is freaking adorable!

    Second, I didn't realize that his life was going so terribly wrong when he headed out on his road trip. Sounds like the book is not only good to remind you that things could be worse, but also that things (like your marriage!) can change and get better.

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