4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. It was better than nothin'.

    I thought they sacrificed a lot of dialogue and heart for overblown action scenes that STILL didn't live up to the book (ex: the hedge maze). Less than impressed, but I'll still buy it.

  2. I liked it — okay. I saw it on an IMAX which is freakin awesome. several things bothered me:
    1. no Dobby or house elves:(
    2. Dumbledore's bipolar screaming. puleez
    3. not enough Snape.

  3. Thank you Andi, you put into words exactly how I felt but am not clever enough to articulate.

    Amanda, I was griping about that on the way home. Knowing just HOW important Snape is going to be later…and he was in it what? 5-10 minutes??? WTF!!

    I didn't get Dumbledore attacking Harry either; he would have never done that! They left out way to many important things in favor of flash and special effects. I liked it but I was very disappointed.

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