Nerds Heart YA Second Round pick


So, it comes down to it, huh?  I have to pick a winner, don’t I?  It can’t be  a draw can it? 


It comes down to the old standby; list making.


I am picking (drumroll please!) My Most Excellent Year!!  I feel like I should belt it out, like a showtune, in honor of Augie!!!  But really, this was a hard pick for me.  I have thought about it all week long, going back and forth between each book.  While I loved Ben immensely from The Last Exit to Normal and feel that his story is one that everyone should read, I just adored My Most Excellent Year.  And while I adored Augie the most, please don’t think he’s the main reason to read the book or the reason I selected it to win.  He was just the icing on the cake of a wonderful book.  Quite simply, My Most Excellent Year was a joy to read and I feel the most deserving to go on. 

If you missed my reviews of My Most Excellent Year and The Last Exit to Normal, please go check them out.  I hope I have convinced you to get both of these excellent books a chance.  And stay tuned, there are two more rounds of the Nerds Heart YA tournament to go!!!

To celebrate, I am going to give away two copies of My Most Excellent Year, so leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner on July 24th!  And I hate to do it, but US and Canada only please.

14 thoughts on “Nerds Heart YA Second Round pick

  1. I'd be awful at making a decision like that! But I'd love to be in the drawing for My Most Excellent Year; it sounds so interesting. 🙂

  2. Just leave a comment to enter? No question to answer? No posting in a gazillion places? Well then, I'd like to enter! 🙂 They both sound great!

  3. I always make contest entrants answer a question because then I'll at least have something fun to read. Who wants to read a variation on "enter me" 400 times?

    I have My Most Excellent Year – looks like I better go find it and read it!

  4. I just found my way to your site via an old bookmark I saved. Your reviews of both books make me want to go find a park bench in the shade and start reading!

  5. I love that you uploaded your list of pros and cons for each!

    As for the drawing, please put my name into the hat. I would love a chance to read it 🙂

  6. I, too, love your Pro/Con list. One other pro for "Year" is that the cover is so nice! (Not the the other cover isn't, but I just like the "Year" cover a lot.)

  7. That's great! I had two books that I didn't really like, while you had two that you loved. Weird how it works out, eh? I want to read both of them.

  8. Aww I'm sad 'Last Exit to Normal' isn't moving on but then I was sad when I had to leave 'What They Always Tell Us' behind when I judged my own bracket. Very thorough decision making (love your list – mine was done on pink heart post its) and I look forward to picking up 'My Most Excellent Year' soon. Off to RT your decision as I'm back off holiday 🙂

  9. ohhhhhh I'm so happy you picked this one!! Now i'm nervous to see it compete in the third round but I'll be faithful to it:D
    I loved how you posted the list on real paper, it was fun to read! great job:)

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