Janes in Love

Janes in Love
Janes in Love

Janes in Love
By Cecil Castellucci and James Rugg
Minx, 2008
Graphic Novel
176 Pages

***Because this is a sequel, there may be some spoilers in this review. And yes, you must read The Plain Janes before you read Janes in Love. It is a direct sequel. ***

The Janes are back and they are all looking for love! The main Jane is still working with the other Janes to bring love and art to their…largely unappreciative…neighborhood and still trying to find her place in this new world that has been created for her from the bombing of book one. She’s also feeling guilty about the suspension of her friend Daman, who took the fall to protect her in the first book, and who she would like to have as something more than a friend. The icing on the cake comes when her mother has a semi-nervous-breakdown and now refuses to leave the house; for anything. It’s all a recipe for some classic teenage angst. I don’t want to tell too much else; I don’t want to give away any more of books one or two.

I really enjoyed the latest installment in the Janes universe. Castellucci writes with a very realistic and engaging voice; it’s hard not to come to care for all the Janes, especially main Jane. It’s a fun read and at times compelling read, complete with a strong message about bravery, courage and friendship. I really enjoy Rugg’s no-nonsense drawing style. The black ink drawings are simple and fit with the story perfectly. I highly recommend this series, not only to teenager but to adults as well. For we all have to find our way in this world, no matter our age, and the Janes have a lesson to teach.

6 thoughts on “Janes in Love

  1. Does your library carry graphic novels? Mine doesn't. The typical library reader tends to be very young or very old, here, I guess (just judging from the size of the Large Type section). I'd love to read more of them, but I think I might have to move. LOL

  2. Yes, they do actually. I started using my library about 9 years ago and at first they didn't have any, now they have their own little section of them. The city where I work has about 6 or 7 different branches and they are scattered throughout them, but it's pretty easy to put them on hold. They don't have EVERY graphic novel I want to read, but they have a great many of them. Maybe you could ask your library if they could start carrying them?

  3. I love the Jane books, they feel so original and fresh – both story and characters. I'm hoping to see a new one someday, I think there are still so many adventures for the Janes 🙂

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