Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp

From the publisher’s website:

After arguing with her live-in boyfriend about his inability to commit, Peggy Adams flies to a friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and wakes up next to a man she can’t remember. Hung-over and miserable, she sneaks out of the sleeping man’s hotel room and returns home to New York, where her boyfriend apologizes for the fight and gives her a Tiffany box containing a pre-engagement ring. Not what she expected, but close enough! The next day she receives a phone call from the Las Vegas one-night stand, Luke, claiming she’s already married to him¬-and he faxes her the license for proof! Both are ready for an annulment, until Peggy arrives in quaint New Nineveh, CT, where Luke cares for his Great Aunt, and the old woman makes Peggy an offer she can’t refuse.

Like many I suppose, I knew I had to read this book based on the title.  I mean, is that not the funniest title you have ever heard?  Mating Rituals of the North American Wasp.  I mean, that just promises funny.  Add in the fun, bright green, cover, with that sneaky little martini glass and it just screams, READ ME!  I admit, I haven’t finished this book yet.  The tour crept up on me when I was looking to other books.  But what I have read has been funny, cheeky, impertinent…and has a lot of heart.  I can’t wait to finish and will post a more complete review when I do. 

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  1. It's so hard sometimes to keep up, isn't it? Especially when there are so many good books all grabbing at your ankles saying, "Read me! Read me!" Or does that only happen to me? This does sound like a fun book. I look forward to reading your final thoughts on it.

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