Someone is very proud!
Someone is very proud!

It may be hard to tell, what with the adult teeth already well in, but Ellie lost her first tooth today! It’s been a battle. We discovered her adult teeth coming in about 3 weeks ago and she refused to mess with the baby ones. They were barely loose! I think they finally got really loose from her eating and brushing her teeth, when I took the opportunity to wiggle them a lot. Finally this morning I convinced her to let me mess with it a bit and I, gently, yanked the first out. She’s so proud now! It’s hilarious.  But now we have to get that other one out. 

Yes, I cried a little. My baby girl is growing up!!! *sniff*

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  1. My sister had a really hard time losing her baby teeth. She ended up having to get a few of them pulled because she had two teeth for a while…

  2. My daughter Leah (who is almost seven) knocked her two front teeth into someone's head at a birthday party the other night. They are now both loose. When I brought her to the dentist she said that Leah has good timing, since her adult teeth are pushing their way in – so if her loose baby ones don't fall out because of the hit, they will because of the new teeth. Whew!

  3. Congrats to Ellie! I lost my first tooth when I was in kindergarten, and my mother didn't believe me when I told her I had a loose tooth. She thought I was too young, but was quickly proven wrong a few days later when I had something to present to the tooth fairy!

  4. How old is she? Mine is 5 and she keeps telling me her teeth are loose but they aren't.

    My son, who is 10 is a later "loser" he is just now losing a ton of teeth. Now! I can't believe nor can the dentist but they are all coming out.

  5. Oh no, not the loss of the first tooth! I swear, immediately after that happens your daughter is suddenly 16 and is driving. At least that is what it feels like!!!

    If you find the secret to slow down time, please share it.

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