Currently // Snowed In!

Good morning and happy Sunday!

As I was saying yesterday, we got a LOT of snow. AND, since we’re in the South and seeing a snowflake sends everyone into crazy shocked paralyzed ineptitude, we are now snowed in. Yesterday was fun in the snow, dogs in the house, terrorized cats, pulled pork chili, and lots of reading. Today will be much of the same. With roast chicken.

My cat Jasper, pictured above, has proven himself to be quite the guard kitty! Since the dogs were inside yesterday, because of the cold, all three cats were on high (growling) alert. And Jasper did not leave my side! He even got between me and one of the dogs yesterday! I don’t know if he was afraid one would hurt me or was just picking up on my general dislike of dogs (true story, sorry) but he protected me all day and night. So sweet.

What reading I did yesterday was of The Queen of the Night. In took about 100 pages, but I’m finally really into it. I forget what a long build up such epic historical novels can have. I’m looking forward to reading more of it today.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, whether you’re snowed in or not. Big plans?

6 thoughts on “Currently // Snowed In!

  1. We also go a lot of snow, but we are not snowed in. It is just winter. lol I didn’t know you didn’t like dogs. I also didn’t know you had dogs plural. I am behind the times!

  2. Thankfully we are not snowed in though I live in the South too so it doesn’t take much! The temps are refusing to rise above freezing and my new rule is that I don’t leave the house if it’s below freezing. Not a fan of the cold. That’s good to know about Queen of the Night. I’ve been wanting to read it but felt like I needed a few more reviews before I started because that book is epic! Have a great week!

  3. No snow here in Wisconsin! What a weird winter this country is having, but I guess it just continues the pattern of weird weather in general.

    I hope you had a lovely snowed-in day. That is one of my favorite things about winter.

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